The Best Tires for Your Street Bike

If you’re looking for tires that will give you an edge on the street, you have a totally different set of concerns from riders who mostly hit the track or the trail. You’ve got to have performance if you street race, but you also have to be able to navigate traffic, and even if you don’t race, you have high speed expressways and slower, more unpredictable city streets to change between. The best street motorcycle tires also need to be able to keep a grip in wet conditions while providing stability when roads are not in the best shape.

That’s a tall order and depending on local conditions the best tire will change, so you need to shop for your climate instead of looking for an objective best. Here are a few suggestions, each with its own special high points that make it ideal for certain riding circumstances.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso Tires

This model is an entire line of tires, with options ranging from scooter tires to racing designs optimized for paved tracks. They share common tread characteristics and composition, but each is ideal for slightly different paved conditions and bike sizes. The Diablo Rosso originals and their successors are street optimized, with a tread that is designed to grip as much pavement as possible.

Shinko 712 Front

This front tire needs to be paired with a recommended rear tire, but it is a great starter, with a tread pattern designed to get water out of the way so you maximize surface contact and get the best traction and handling possible. With a price tag that makes it accessible to almost any rider, it is one of the better performing budget options, and it comes from a company that has been making great street tires since 1946, so you know they have some happy return customers at this point.

Shinko 712 Rear

Designed and priced to pair with its front-end complement, this tire is similar in design, but with innovations that provide stability and increased acceleration to complement the front end’s steering-based design. Together, they provide riders at all experience levels with a unique performance. You can also try mixing and matching Shinko tires with other brands that have sizes compatible with your bike to fine-tune the ride you get when you hit the road.

Conti Tour Motorcycle Tires

These touring and cruising tires are built to perform when you’re on longer road trips, providing a comfortable, stable ride with great handling for those who will be out all day and might encounter a few different road conditions. They’re balanced well in a complementary set, since balance and stability are the name of the game when you are on you bike all day.

  • Smooth ride
  • Great traction
  • All-weather performance

If you are looking for the best deals on these brands and other top street and track tires, check out the curated collection of the best motorcycle parts and accessories online to see the current lineup up discount motorcycle tires, and keep checking periodically until you see a brand you like, because the sales change regularly.


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