The best ways to gain recognition and more clients as a real estate agency

The best ways to gain recognition and more clients as a real estate agency

Suppose you run a real estate firm or are a real estate agent. You might often face a challenge in acquiring more customers. It becomes difficult after a point to gather new clients once you have been working in a specific area for too long. While you have clients, targeting new ones may be a complicated task.

Many realtors try to target prospects from neighboring areas or cities. It helps them grow their clientele and expand the business into new territories.

However, the entire real estate industry runs on building relationships with clients, arguably one of the most challenging things to do in a business. Not only do you have to establish a relationship, but you have to nurture it to retain the client.

Herein, it is a viable tactic to opt for direct marketing methods such as mailing. It enables you to stay in touch with your previous clients and helps to capture new ones. You can send postcards about your recent closings, new listing, and open house schedules and invite new listing spots.

If you are not proficient in designing postcards and brochures and delivering them, it is advisable to hire an experienced agency. Companies such as  Wise Pelican offer services to help customers design postcards, distribute them, and track the campaign. In addition, the prices of such agencies are pretty affordable, and you will be able to get high-quality personalized leads at minimal costs.

But, there are other ways to excel as a realtor and attract new clients.

  • Schedule open houses

Every realtor schedules open houses, but you must consciously schedule as many as possible. Not only will it help you to close a deal faster, but it will also help you network with other potential investors or private buyers.

It might not help you with a particular property, but you might gain a lot of contacts for future deals.

In addition, it makes you more recognizable amongst the buyers and investors. So, the next time they might need a property, they will contact you.

  • Engage with the community

As a realtor, you must be a social butterfly. Socializing with your local community and area members will make you more recognizable.

You can network within the community by sharing your expertise about properties and offering consultancy services to those in need.

It will make you the go-to person if anyone within your community wants to sell or buy a house. Furthermore, people will even recommend you to their friends or family if you prove your worth to them.

So, you must become an active member of your community to establish yourself as an industry leader and gain more qualified leads.

  • Direct mail marketing

It is viable if you want to expand the business to the neighboring town. You can send customized postcards, brochures, and listing invites to people across the country. You can utilize specialized agencies to customize and mail your leads. For example, agencies like Wise Pelican offer some of the best campaign tracking features wherein you can modify and update the address book on their portal. Once you have uploaded the book, they will update it as per any recent changes in residence by extracting data from the USPS national change of address database.

So, to grow your business as a realtor, you must become an active member of the community, network more at open houses and take advantage of direct mail marketing.


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