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Why Feminism Is Awful

Wrong exposure to the word feminism is as awful as one can think. Feminism is a resentful, hussy movement that has transformed into a ferocious man-hating movement throughout the years. Feminism is supposed to be about empowering women, but today it’s less about empowering women and more about belittling men. In it’s core, it is actually making women doubt themselves and their potential. Deep down, it considers that women need the privilege to get success. Instead of encouraging both genders to work together, it simply makes them contenders

Feminism denies science and nature. As both men and women are physically different, they have different capabilities. Even their brain anatomy is dissimilar. Their psychologies are unlike and, in many pieces of research, it proved that they behave differently in very same situations. Areas responsible for language tasks are more developed in women’s brains, and areas responsible for problem-solving ability are more developed in men’s brains.

Feminism, which the fake feminists explain as, “Equality of Rights” is often seen as one-sided and often referred to as equality of rights but not responsibilities. Feminists say that they ask for equal opportunities, but in actual, they are fighting for the same outcomes.

I believe in gender equality, and therefore I am not a Feminist. Feminism has wronged the brain of youth, especially young girls who want to be exposed to freedom, so in order to feel free, many of them compare themselves with men by stripping off their uniqueness.

Feminists are misusing this movement for defamation of men by putting false accusations on them via social media platforms with the #Me-too movement. This is why feminism so awful.