Things To Avoid While Designing The Best Business Card

In the business world, your potential relationship with your customer matters to a significant extent. It’s because people judge a company based on a couple of factors including the type of business card, office interior, company’s strengths, and weaknesses, etc. A study conducted earlier states that 72% of people evaluate a company based on the quality of the business cards they are using. Even the decision of doing business with you is largely impacted by the type of business card of your use. In fact, it may seem like a trivial thing, but a business card plays a key role in your marketing. The stronger your card is, the better your business growth will be. So, it’s essential to make a long-lasting and superior quality business card to make a strong impression on your potential clients.

What Is a Business Card?

A business card is the type of card that bears the company’s or individual’s information. During the time of formal introductions, these cards are shared as a convenient memory aid. Typically a business card includes the company’s name, information, contact number, address, website, email address, fax number, etc. The history of business cards started a long ago in the 17th century, even before the advent of electronic media. Since it’s a tangible way to provide information, the importance still remains the same. There are countries where exchanging business cards seem like a ritual in the realm of business. Presently business cards include more information with the advent of social media. You can put your Facebook ID, LinkedIn Id, etc. Earlier it was simply a black and white piece of paper. The reputable and the best online printing company always prefer to make your business card look stunning so that it attracts the eyeball in the first meeting.

Things That You Should Avoid

There are a variety of business cards available at the moment. You can be as creative as you want to distinguish your brand from the competitors. A standard business card which is generally of 2 by 3 inch covers the business logo, brand slogan, person’s name, and other details. But this is not the best way to design business cards. People often make some major mistakes while designing them and you can avoid the same when you’re aware of all those mistakes. This will help you to create an awesome business card.

  1. Choosing a Common Shape

A majority of people make business cards just for the sake of providing information. But, it’s not about providing the information; it’s more about showcasing the information in the best possible way. Everyone only orders a standard sized business card with a rectangle shape. Since people use the same card, it doesn’t make much impact on your customers or potential clients. Therefore choosing the common shape is the first mistake that you should avoid. A shape should align with your company’s nature. But, it shouldn’t compromise the brand’s identity and readability as people should be able to read the information clearly.

  1. Exaggerating The Design

A simple card always works best. The concept of minimalism first came in the late 1960s but now people have started to consider this concept. Even in the digital world, we see that people use simple websites and formats. It’s because there is already too much information out there and the attention span of us is decreasing each day. So, it’s better to keep the information short and crispy. But in order to make the design more attractive people end up choosing too many color options, multiple elements that distract a reader. So, don’t overdo the design. It’s better to use only one or two colors to make it eye-catchy.

  1. Using Typical Features

The printing world has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Especially after the advent of technology, the printing world is more about going with the trend than using typical features. Many of us prefer only using the white and black combination while ordering a business card. But, it won’t fetch you the desired results. Also, the materials used in your printing card plays a vital role. Typically people use cardstock or even paper which only degrades the quality of your card. It’s better to use plastic cards as it stands out with its modern and sleek design. Apart from that, this material is also more durable than others. Presently printing companies are integrated with cut-edge technologies and therefore providing transparent business card options that can make a strong impact.

  1. Using Flimsy Material

Normally people use only a thin standard business card which easily gets damaged. So, when someone needs you for a business they find a torn card with vague information. This can be damaging to your business operations. You can lose the opportunities to seal a deal by compromising the material of your cards. So, use a thick cardstock to avoid damaging the materials.


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