Thrilling Mind Blowing New Technologies That You May Not Know !

Until recently we used to make science fiction movies about the year in which we are now . But now that science fiction had came in the real life . 

So now let’s start talking about the newest technologies that you may know not know.

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If we go few years back data was inputted using punch cards , switches or wheels of rapidly moving paper tape without being printed on teletype devices. But since that time we have developed increasingly fluid missives with computer interaction with keyboards , monitors , touch screen devices , etc . But what if we can connect these types of gadgets with our Brain .

Imagine that if you can control a computer , keyboard or drone without any type of controllers but just thinking about it . And hearing music without any speakers or any other devices .By the way this type of technology is already being developed and will be coming soon . So how is that possible?  Companies are trying to implant a chip into your brain with which you can control the computer and everything you want to .  

The idea of streaming music directly to out brain came from a twitter feed . The idea behind all this is that to help humans to compete with super intelligent robots and it also tries to cure the disorder like depression, addiction, etc. by rewire the brain patterns. 

With this technology two person can talk to each other with the help of their thoughts ! and if there is a person who can’t speak still he can deliver his/her message to the other person or let’s assume that a person is a spy or a military officer he can send his message to anyone without speaking anything . 

So this is how this BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACES technology work , now let’s move ahead. 


You may have heard about 3D printing So what is it ? Before understanding 3d printing we have to understand that what is 3d ? So full form of 3d is three dimensions also known as tri-dimensions . so in 3d printing we can turn an image into real objects . With 3D printer you can make any type of object you want .

But now 3D Printing is going to the next level. car’s and Airplanes are now being 3D Printed. Even Body Organs are now being 3D Printed which means that no one has to wait for donners now . China has 3D printed an entire building and future of 3D printed Building could reduce the cost of construction and solve the problem of homeless people.

Rockets are also now being 3D Printed. NASA has already made a 3D printed rocket injector But don’t worry they are strong enough as they are made of the hardest metals such as titanium. And throwing a bit of AI in them the technology will be able to detect faults in the design and can improve on them . So if you want to completely read about 3D printer you can click here and read more about it . 


These are completely different king of robots. These are known as real living robots as then are made up of real tissues and they could revolutionize medicines. Scientists have taken some parts of frog tissues and they have used computer programs to assemble them . They are a m-meter or meter in diameter, they are neither robots nor animals as we know them they have came from living organism that can move independently and even work together as a team . 

They may self heal from their wounds . So that’s a fascinating stuff. Have you thought that What is the use of these types of robots ? 

Swarms of these robots can be made using your own cells that are deployed internally in your body and sent to your brain to help remove a brain Tumor And because they are your own cell’s you body won’t reject them . These can also be used for picture cleaning up artery plaque in your body . 

This types of robots are known as xenobots if you are interested to read more about these robots you can search about then on your browser . This generation of xenobots was used only skin heart cells But the future ones could also be used using photo receptors or other types of cells to help them navigate and understand their environments. 


Yes , Thanks to Tesla . Self driving vehicles are already in the market . What is done being so far is only the tip of the iceberg , for tesla and other companies the goal is level 5 Automation That means there is no staring wheels or pedals . the passenger has to just input where he wants to go and then car does all the work . It means we could be looking at a future where people don’t own a car . There will be self driving vehicles on the road . So you just have to jump into them and enjoy the ride. 

The main purpose of this technology is to reduce congestion and pollution . And it could make parking lots obsolete and that space can be used for other purposes . Why to stop at  cars . In Dubai the world’s first automated drone taxies are in development . The company that is developing them has said that this technology will be launched in the year 2023

Like a helicopter it took the city’s crown prince on a 5-min flight 200 meters above the sand . The volocopter wants to offer longer rider that last’s up to 30 minutes and will be hailed through an app just like a rideshare car. It also comes with parachutes in it’s inside for ease of mind more than anything . The flight is all based on GPS tracks for now but the volocopter chief says that it will be updated in the future.

So that’s it I hope you find this article interesting and if you have any question regarding this article you are free to comment below.


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