Tips for Choosing the Best Short Term Rentals in Caloundra

Whether you’re considering moving but haven’t decided yet on a particular location, or you just came into town for some few weeks vacation, there are several short term rentals available presently than in previous decades.

The short term rentals industry witnessed an increased revenue of above $29 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise even more after the pandemic. Globally, there are around 115 000 vacation rentals.

If you prefer staying on a home rather than at a hotel which might appear expensive and clinical for your liking, then consider opting for a short term living accommodation. The following are some tips for choosing a short term rentals Caloundra.

Search for Short Term Leases

Finding a short term leasing in cities with major universities like Caloundra is very easy. You can effortlessly get a cheap holiday rental in Sunshine Coast, Caloundra due to students’ seasonal movement of going home during summer and studying abroad.

There are several ways to go about the search. You may decide to check Craigslist or Caloundra magazines and newspapers. However, it’d be best to get a short term rental agency to save yourself the stress.

When you manage to see the property that fits what you’re looking for, find a time to visit and possibly speak with the building’s inhabitants before moving in.

Contact Corporate Housing Agencies

Most companies that work with travelling employers and corporations team up with multiple housing properties that they can refer you to since it also affects their income.

You might want to Google such agencies in the city you’re travelling to, then send an email or call ahead of time to enquire if they have an excellent empty apartment they can rent out to you.

Engage the Locals

Short term rentals have revolutionized the entire travel process, allowing you to enjoy an authentic local experience in a new city without desiring to stay at a hotel.

You may find short term rentals useful when trying to get a feel of the city before finally deciding to move there. Furthermore, you can also consider switching rentals every few weeks in different neighbourhoods to understand what it’s like living there. Don’t forget to engage the locals so you can get valuable information on where to eat, shop and run errands in the community. You can also get information on the best rental properties from them.

Examine the Location

The location of the short term rentals exceeds where it’s situated. When trying to choose a Sunshine Coast real estate holiday rentals, check for nearby available facilities and amenities, the place’s accessibility, and its popularity.

You wouldn’t like to end up in a remote location without the essential convenience and attractions. Similarly, you’ll not want to stay in a tourist destination when you desire solitude and peace.

Have a Clear Picture of the Amenities You Want

You can narrow down your search by deciding on the amenities and features you desire in a holiday house rentals in Sunshine Coast. For instance, you can divide these features you want to be present in the house into two different categories: negotiables and essentials. This way, you don’t waste time on vacation rentals that don’t have the essential amenities.

Check the Reviews

Going through the reviews previous occupants of a vacation rental left is one best way to know if the rental is the way the owner has described it. You can also check out the posted pictures to easily compare with their official photos.

While one bad review shouldn’t deter you from renting the place, you’ll need to think twice if there’s a recurring complaint.

Also, some short term rental websites include property owners reviews so people can know who they’re renting from and whats it’s like doing business with them.

Seeing as many people prefer staying at short term rentals when they travel to a new place for vacation rather than in hotels, it’d be best to get some help while choosing the best rentals in Caloundra. You might need to decide on the features and amenities you desire, examine the location, or save yourself the stress and use a real estate rental agent. Whichever method you use, ensure to make the most of your vacation.


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