Top 10 best legendary anime movies of all time

Anime (アニメ) is an extremely popular anime genre from Japan. Most of these cartoons are adapted from popular manga series. Therefore, right from their debut, they have received a warm welcome from followers in both movies and comics. In this article, we will help moviegoers synthesize the best anime movies of all time!

1. No Game No Life

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural

Script: Jukki Hanada

Directed by: Atsuko Ishizuka

Film studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: April 9, 2014 – June 25, 2014

No Game No Life is a great anime series with a unique plot, creative content about the fantasy world. Adapted from the manga of the same name, the film, after its premiere, received support from a wide audience, reaching the top of the best anime animated films and having the highest views at that time.

The story in the movie revolves around an online gamer legend. The two main characters, Shiro and Sora, are invited to another world where games are the deciding factor of all rules and regulations. Throughout the film, there are brainstorming scenes, attractive details, easily addictive for gamers.

2. Psycho-Pass

Genre: Detective, Crime, Crime

Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi

Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani, Katsuyuki Motohiro

Film studio: Production IG

Length: 22 episodes

Aired: October 11, 2012 – March 22, 2012

Possessing a new, smart idea, Psycho-Pass is a good anime film and has achieved much success, winning warm hearts from the audience. Set in a future life when scientific technology develops, people invent machines capable of measuring crime and crime rates called Dominators.

Through every gesture, human psychological development that this “modern weapon” will detect the person’s criminal intentions and will sentence them even though they have not committed the crime yet. Depending on the severity of the crime index, you will be taken to psychological treatment when the index is low, or executed on the spot when the index exceeds the allowed level.

3. One-Punch Man

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Superhero

Script: Tomihiro Suzuki

Directed by: Shingo Natsume

Film studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: October 2015 – December 2015

Adapted from the famous manga of the same name, One-Punch Man is a funny , attractive anime cartoon about the life of a superhero Saitama. In every battle, no matter how strong the enemy is, it becomes fragile because Saitama only needs one punch to solve it all, leading to many funny and funny moments.

Hundred battles, hundreds of victories, Saitama with unparalleled strength felt too bored and wanted to find an enemy stronger than himself. To have the opportunity to experience the thrill, drama, suspense, excitement of an even match. One-Punch Man is also widely considered by many viewers as one of the legendary anime series worth watching.

4. Samurai Champloo

Genre: Samurai, Adventure, Comedy

Script: Shinichiro Watanabe

Directed by: Shinji Obara

Film studio: Manglobe

Length: 26 episodes

Aired: May 19, 2004 – March 19, 2005

Samurai Champloo is an attractive anime film about three people, three fates who accidentally meet and become close together traveling around Japan. Fuu – a 15-year-old girl who works at a tea shop and has a desire to find “sunflower-flavored samurai”. Muren – a creative and talented samurai, Jin – a romantic swordsman.

Fuu thought of a way to save Muren and Jin when they fought in the tea shop she worked for, leading to the death of the judge’s son and then being sentenced to death. Muren and Jin promise to help Fuu find the samurai she’s been looking for so long, how their journey will turn out, follow this Samurai Champloo anime to get the answer.

5. Beastars

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Life

Script: Nanami Higuchi

Directed by: Shinichi Matsumi

Film studio: Orange

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: October 8, 2019

Adapted from the famous manga of the same name by author Paru Itagaki, Beastars is known to Vietnamese audiences as the World of Beasts. The story in the film revolves around Cherryton School, a school where all animals can learn and live together in the same environment.

Legosi – a gray wolf, the main character in the story, is a carnivore that looks very fierce and has an innocent, gentle, good-hearted soul. However, Legosi was always misunderstood and shunned by his friends because of his species characteristics. Complexity. Self-deprecating, he chooses to stay away from everyone who lives quietly and discreetly. Whether Legosi and the other students in this special school can live together, follow the Beastars to understand better.

6. Trigun

Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction.

Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda

Directed by: Satoshi Nishimura

Film studio: Madhouse

Length: 26 episodes

Aired: April 1, 1998 – September 30, 1998

As one of the best anime series  associated with the childhood of the first generation 8x, 9x Trigun is set in the deserted town of Macco, with the main character being Vash the Stampede. He is a wandering gunman, a notorious dangerous criminal on the planet Gunsmoke with an extremely contradictory personality, varied expression states. Do not like to kill people but the profession chooses him to do it, with the power to destroy life but he will mourn for those who died at his hands. Vash is the most sought-after gunman on the planet, when his head is worth a double $60 billion.

7. Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Area Ghoul)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy Horror, Thriller, Fiction

Script: Chuji Mikasano

Directed by: Shuhei Morita

Film studio: Pierrot

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: 4, July 2014 – 19, September 2014

Tokyo Ghoul is a horror anime film adapted from the manga of the same name written by artist Sui Ishida. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the film was released with high praise from experts and warm reception from fans. Tokyo Ghoul is a love story interwoven between humans and demons that brings many emotions to viewers. Kaneki Ken is a gentle, kind, and slightly weak student who falls in love with Rize Kamishiro. Possessing a beauty that falls in love at first sight, a gentle personality, and intelligence, Rize is a Ghoul, a demon that only eats humans.

Poor Kaneki became Rize’s next prey, but luck smiled on Kaneki when Rize couldn’t eat meat but was grafted into his body. From here Kaneki’s life turns to a new page as he becomes a Ghoul, he will have to face a new world full of dangers. Let’s watch this popular anime movie to know the next act of the story.

8. Black Lagoon

Genre: Adventure, Horror

Screenplay: Sunao Katabuchi

Directed by: Sunao Katabuchi

Film studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: October 2, 2006 – December 18, 2006

Black Lagoon is one of the best anime films that attract many viewers from Studio Madhouse. The story in the film tells about the main character Rokurou Okajima – an employee of the Asahi corporation. Once assigned to give a disk containing important data to a company partner and unfortunately in the middle of the road, it was stolen by a mercenary named Black Lagoon.

Rokurou becomes their hostage to demand ransom from the Asahi corporation. But his company brutally hires another group of mercenaries to destroy the disc and kill the entire Black Lagoon team along with all the hostages. Before the love of the boss Rokurou cooperated with the Black Lagoon group to counter the company’s mercenaries and escaped, then Asahi joined the Black Lagoon team to become a real mercenary.

9. Btooom!

Genre: Action Fiction, Psychological, Romance

Screenplay: Yosuke Kuroda

Directed by: Kotono Watanabe

Film studio: Madhouse

Length: 12 episodes

Aired: October 4, 2012 – December 20, 2012

This anime series is about Ryota Sakamoto, a top player in the game Btooom. One day after waking up, he discovers that he has been taken to an alien island and forced to participate in the real-life version of the game Btooom. Here he and other players are assigned certain weapons called Bim to destroy enemies.

If you want to exit the game, you must kill and collect all 8 chips to complete the mission to leave this terrible island. With full experience Ryota Sakamoto in playing electronic Btooom, he applies real-life combat to overcome many challenges. The game in real life is much more difficult because even a small mistake causes Ryota to die on this deserted island.

10. Crayon shin

Genre: Comedy, Life

Directed by: Hongo Mitsuru (1992 – 1996), Hara Keiichi (1996 – 2004), Muto Yuji (2004 – nay)

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation

Length: 940 episodes

Aired: April 13, 1992

Referring to the top of the best anime series, it is impossible to ignore the movie Shin – Pencil Boy, adapted from the famous manga of the same name that has stormed all over the world. This Japanese cartoon work has the content around a 5-year-old boy Shin and his family with humorous stories, the innocence of children mixed with a bit of mischievousness. Bringing a fresh, lively and colorful world about children, accompanied by profound useful lessons about family and friends, this anime has won the hearts of many viewers. Shin – Pencil Boy is a classic or anime film associated with childhood for many generations, even if you watch it over and over again, you will not get bored.

Above is an article that summarizes the top list of super classic anime movies that have caused fever around the world. These movies not only bring moments of relaxing entertainment but also spread a lot of profound humanistic lessons. That’s why these films are always considered anime legends not only of Japan but of the movie world in general.

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