Top 6 Home Remedies to Clean Decorative Wall Mirrors Safely

Decorative wall mirrorshave become something that every homeowner wants to add to their interior. They can be added into a home or office depending on preferences. Decorative wall mirrors come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Depending on the available room space, they can be as big as from the floor to the ceiling or just a small piece. When you have a large space, you can explore different creative ideas that will make your home look elegant and stunning. Most modern homes have decorative all the mirrors in the living room, bathroom among other places.

Using decorative mirrors to create a unique interior décor can help you make a statement to your visitors. However, this depends on how stylish and well maintained the full length mirrors are. Most of the mirrors that are low quality can have stains due to their low durability. It is always recommended that if you have decorative all mirrors in your home, you should have a routine of cleaning them so that they make space stand out and attractive. You can also add more accessories to make the mirrors a focal point in the home. Decorative wall mirrors can be maintained in a variety of ways which is all dependent on the ability of the property owner. Cleaning them at least four times a week can help maintain their reflection capabilities and avoid the formation of molds and stains. If you have had troubles before cleaning decorative mirrors, this article will identify different ways you can embrace to keep them clean and attractive at all times. Let’s find out more about the cleaning techniques.

Using An Ammonia Solution

 Ammonia is one of the most popular cleaning solutions that are used for decorative mirrors. It is available in both dilute and concentrated form. However, when being used in the concentrated form which has a high morally, it can cause damage to the mirrors through abrasion. Mostly, the ammonia solution is used in removing stains from the cheap wall mirror surface and leave them looking shiny and as good as new. This would be a great technique to clean the mirrors that are used as focal points so that they are not a source of embarrassment for you when visitors come to your home. A precaution that you should take, however, is to wear protective clothing whenever you use the ammonia solution. If it gets in contact with your skin, it could cause skin irritation or burns.

Removing Stains Using Vinegar

Vinegar is a readily and affordable solution that can be made at home. You can decide to buy from outlets that sell home cleaning solutions or make it at home. This is dependent on your financial muscle if you have to wash many decorative mirrors in your apartment or office. Vinegar when in the right condition can be used to remove stains from the mirror surfaces. Using a soft fiber cloth, use vinegar to scrub the stain spots to your mirror. This will help to keep them clean and shiny. Their affordability and availability are the primary features that make the vinegar solution to be a popular choice for many people in modern society.

Cleaning Using Baking Soda

Baking soda has been known to be an effective cleaning agent when mixed with hot water. The hot water makes the baking soda to be reactive and can easily help to remove spots or stains in your mirrors. Ideally, when the baking soda is used, the possibility of the stains coming out immediately is higher than many homemade solutions. When the baking soda solution is not effective, you can add lime to it to improve its cleaning power. You do not need to worry about the duration the solution takes to restore the mirror to its original appearance; it will surely make space look clean and classy once the process is complete.

Avoid Using Paper Towels

When cleaning the decorative bathroom mirrors, you should ensure that you don’t use paper towels to wipe off any water on them. Paper towels are known to leave particles behind which will make your mirror look unattractive. On most occasions, cleaners use squeegees to rinse water off the surface of the decorative bathroom mirrors. Since the bathroom is full of moisture when used, it is possible that the mirrors might have moisture most of the time. Instead of using paper towels, use a well-designed squeegee to dry it off. The squeegee should not have sharp edges to avoid making scratches on the mirror.

 In conclusion, keeping your bathroom mirrors in good shape requires regular cleaning. So, you should avoid using hard brushes among other unsuitable materials to clean the mirrors. This way, you will enjoy prolonged durability which will leave your home looking stunning and elegant.


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