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Top PR Tools You Should Use In 2018

Marketing your company online can be challenging on a number of different levels. In fact, there are some companies that simply don’t know how to better communicate to the world and get their message across effectively. A good Press Release tool is the solution to a poor public relation that PR personnel encounters while perfecting information for public consumption.

Personally speaking, I had tried building connections with journalists, but due to the unavailability of quality tools, I wasn’t quite successful.

After years of checking online, and trying different tools and options, I have come up with a compelling list of PR tools your company can use to stay on top.

1. | Press Release Distribution & Marketing is an outstanding tool that made my PR protocol yielding in a very short time. This platform is not costly ($199), and it gives the advantage of your press release being syndicated to 500 media sites, along with some organic pickups too. As far as I know, is the only platform that guarantees maximum media pickup.

NewswireNEXT comes with many unique features which include:

  1. Organic PR Outreach– They directly pitch your release to journalists, niche bloggers and influencers, and guarantee pickup on at least one authority business publication or niche blog.
  2. White Label Facility is Free– NewswireNEXT is very distinct when compared to others. Among its usefulness is the free white label press release distribution which is not free in other PR platforms.
  3. Coverage by Leading Broadcast Networks– Through NewswireNEXT, your press release is published on MSNBC and PBS websites.
  4. Mobile Optimized Press Release– They ensure that your press release is optimized for mobile devices through mobile publishing formats like Google AMP, Apple News, and FB Instant Articles.
  5. Guaranteed Search Engine Indexing– NewswireNEXT give room for indexing on primary news and search engines aggregators like Google News, Bing News, and Yahoo.

2. Traackr | Influencer Management

Traackr is also very useful. It leverages on social and digital strategies by directly focusing on the right people advertisers are targeting.

The platform uses the power of influencers to create business awareness. Traackr’s algorithm searches primary social networks, blogs, to connect influencers. When you enter your company’s target keywords, Traackr will help find influencers who can take your business to the next level.

3. Muck Rack | Track and Target Journalists

Muck Rack is one of the PR tools you can rely on for getting journalists, connecting media houses, searching location, topics, and keywords and even what companies relating to your firms have been sharing on social platforms.

Through Much Rack, you can see what companies and journalists are sharing and what reporters are writing about day by day. The Pro Plan on this platform gives you the potential to build media lists, schedule media monitoring email, and track all journalists mentioning your brand.

4. HARO | Connect with journalists and Bloggers

HARO is giving bloggers and companies advantage to have mentioned on top notch platforms. I have used this platform to get backlinks on reputable sites for clients. I advise firms to register on this platform to get media mention without paying a dime.

On HARO, reporters seek advice and want professionals to answer them.

5. Radio Guest List | Get Radio Interviews

Radio Guest List is popularly regarded as the HARO of the audio world. The tool is also reliable. With just a simple email registration, the platform will notify you when producers, journalists, and podcast/vidcasts hosts are searching for authorities on specific subjects. When you get the notification that fits into your field, you can reply with a precise pitch on why you are an authority in the field demanded.

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