Top Questions to Ask While Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston

Houston is an incredible city to stay in, and there are many fun things that you can do. In 2019, Houston, TX, had 2.32 million people with a median age of 33.4. It is counted amongst the most densely populated cities in the U.S. With a huge population in the city, congested roads and road accidents are unfortunate but common occurrences.

If you have been a victim of a car accident or any other mishap that accounts for a personal injury, it is essential to seek legal help. A Houston personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Not all personal injury attorneys are created equal. You must be selective when finding an attorney to represent you.

This article will discuss some questions you should ask while interviewing potential attorneys.

1. What Is Your Experience?

Personal injury law can be tricky, and you need to work with an attorney with relevant experience. If the lawyer you are considering does not have experience with car accidents, they may not be the best fit.

You should ask about the attorney’s experience, specifically with personal injury law. How many cases have they handled? What type of cases are the most experienced in?

It can be beneficial to work with a lawyer that has experience working on cases similar to yours. For example, if your injuries are severe and need long-term care, you should find an experienced attorney with significant injury cases.

2. What Are Your Fees?

The average lawyer’s salary is $7,866 per month in Houston, TX.

Another question you should ask is about the attorney’s fee structure. Typically, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. It means that the lawyer will not get paid until you win the case or settle out of court.

Be sure to ask about any fees you may be responsible for, such as court costs or expert witness fees.

Some lawyers also charge an hourly rate. Make sure you know all the costs associated with hiring an attorney.

You should also ask about the refund policy if you decide to drop the case. You do not want to feel obligated to continue working with a lawyer you are unhappy with just because of the fees they have already collected.

3. What Is Your Strategy?

Every case is different, and the lawyer you choose should have a tailored plan for representing you.

You should ask about the attorney’s strategy for your case. What is their plan for fighting for compensation? How will they determine a reasonable settlement amount?

A Houston personal injury attorney that answers these questions with a vague response may not be the best fit.

You should also ask about the attorney’s communication policy. You need to know how often they will be in touch and how you can reach them if necessary.

4. Can You Provide Referrals?

It is wise to ask for referrals from any potential attorneys. Ask about their past clients and contact those people to determine if the attorney was successful in their case.

You can also search for reviews of potential attorneys online. Be sure to read both the good and bad reviews.

Final Thoughts

When you are injured, it is essential to seek legal help. It is good to interview several potential attorneys before making a decision.


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