Tops 5 Tech Tools That Help You Get A Job

Unemployment, the word is sufficient to make you feel frightened and to keep you awake as well as restless in nights. After all, money is the prime need of life and employment is the prime source of money. Despite the countless and painstaking efforts, sometimes you face the situation of ‘no job. May be you lost it, may be the company made you redundant or maybe you left it in the search of a better opportunity. Whatever is the reason, the ultimate reality is – no job means no money.

The only thing that consumes the biggest part of the day of unemployed people is the job search. You too can relate to this if you are also on the same boat.

While thinking about your future life and career stability, you make coffee, send some resumes to the recruiters, watch T.V to lighten your mood, chat with your friends on the issue. Oh! Wait a minute. This is amazing, everything is technology driven, from the coffee maker to e-mails for job applications.

Why not use technology to get a new job? There are tools available out there that are primarily made for this purpose and they are sure to become better day by day.

Let us take a look at some tech tools that can make your pursuit of employment easy, easier, easiest.

1. Workpop

Known to be a big support for job seekers, Workpop is an amalgamation of varied features like video applications, artificial intelligence algorithm and social references to find the best options. This is a platform, which both the employers and job hunters can use. It is already helping more than 10,000 employers (only in the United States) and they have hired thousands of employees.

A great place to meet your prospective career opportunity. However, it was basically designed for small businesses but due to its versatility, it has become an important tool of use in popular restaurant chains that want to recruit quality talent. If you are in the hospitality industry, this tool can do magic.

The prime features of Workpop for a job seeker are –

  • Extract information automatically from resume to apply for any particular profile or job.
  • Give video responses to employers.
  • Apply easily as it is easy to access on mobile

2. Comparably

Another platform with vastness of options for the people seeking employment. Comparably is primarily designed for the tech sector. It collects data from thousands of companies including some very renowned names like – Uber, Netflix, PayPal, eBay and SpaceX.

ONE BIG FEATURE OF COMPARABLY IS, IT FIXES RACIAL AND GENDER INEQUITY IN PAY AT COMPANIES. By revealing the data on the income women and men are making, it acts as the whistleblower as well as an eye-opener.

It helps in multiple ways and focuses on the following aspects –

  • What you are looking for?
  • What suits best according to your experience?
  • What is your priority on work culture?
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • What are your desired job titles?
  • What is the preferred location?

Depending on the above factors, ‘Comparably’ brings you the most suitable company options. Most helpful is the feature that helps you get the job of desired salary.

Many unemployed get stuck in extreme financial crisis and in the vicious circle of debts on the loans they take like payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders. In that case, it becomes necessary to find out a career option that can help to get out of the debts as soon as possible.

It equally responds to the needs of the employers and helps them meet their right candidate. It has one of the biggest databases of tech candidates.

3. LiveCareer Apply

This tool is an escape from repetitive online applications that consume a lot of time and are of course boring. ‘LiveCareer Apply’ facilitates autofill of job applications and pairs well with the most popular job boards.

It helps you make sure that –

  • the basic information of the resume is accurate
  • there is no error that happens from manual data entry

Accuracy and speed are very important to find a suitable employment opportunity. LiveCareer Apply gives you both at no cost. Already with no regular income, you cannot afford to spend much on job search. Technology is there to ease your stress with no cost and expenses. You can download it for free and can start applying then and there.

4. MyPerfectResume

Oh, this is about your face in the job industry. Your resume is the first impression and that is why a game changer. When an employer gets a resume and if it is correctly written with the absolutely right format, it is sure to leave a long lasting impression. An unprofessional looking resume deserves only negligence in this competitive world. This tool makes the process of creating a resume simple with the help of customisation.

How does MyPerfect Resume help?

  • It gives respectful space to mention your experiences, unique skills, qualifications
  • Step-by-step guidance to help writing the resume.
  • Resume templates related to almost every job category.

5. Cover-Letter-Now

Writing an impressive and professional cover letter is always a task. No idol format or way comes to your mind while dealing with this complicated work. There is no chance to make mistakes as this comes in immediate notice of the employers. Hiring managers and recruiters read cover letter. For you as a job applicant it is the first (and may be last) chance to make a personal connection. Everything is mentioned in the resume, employers read it to find something additional to know if you are a right match for a job profile or not.

Cover-Letter-Now, as it is understandable with name, creates a heart winning and job winning cover letter. This gives –

  • Correct presentation to the letter from ‘format to the right font’ of text.
  • Writing samples and professional designs that help you create a letter that shows you different from the crowd.


Nothing in life is impossible with the help of technology. No doubt, career is one of the most important aspects of life and here too technology is there to help. Make its best use, and say no to the stress and mess of unemployment. With job, normality is sure to come back. ALL THE BEST!!

Description – Technology is a miraculous thing and base of big inventions. For sure, it can help the jobless too. Learn about the tools that facilitate great platforms to find a new and suitable job.


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