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Trigger Finger – Causes & Symptoms | Is trigger finger treatment without surgery possible?

What is Trigger Finger?

Do you often find it challenging to straighten your fingers without them locking up and continuing or popping forward in a rapid motion? This restricted movement of fingers is referred to as the trigger finger. A painful condition in which a finger becomes locked when a person tries to bend it!

A person having a trigger finger has the flexor tendon in the hand irritated, ultimately causing the finger or thumb to instantly lock and hit forward. Trigger finger affects the thumb or ring finger on a general basis but can affect any finger. When the flexor tendon gets disturbed, the small knots can be formed or the tendons start becoming thickened. In such conditions, the tendon can’t be moved easily and it can catch, get stuck causing pain, popping or catching feeling in the finger or thumb.

Though this sensitivity is a short-lived process in general, and after your finger gets instantly locked, your finger will shoot out. This is why it referred to as a trigger finger!

Symptoms of Trigger Finger

The initial symptoms of trigger finger can tend to be pain & slight thickening at the base of the affected thumb or finger. Also, most of the symptoms are identified after the activities placing the twist on the hand or after long periods of lethargy. The snapping sensitivity starts suddenly and develops constantly.

Some of the other symptoms a person can feel during Trigger Finger are as follows!

Causes of trigger finger

Trigger Finger usually occurs due to the excessive or repeated use of your hands. However, the exact cause is not acknowledged and there are claims that aging, strain activities may play a role in the same. There are some other cases including rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, or any other medical problems associated with Trigger Finger.

You may be a common victim of trigger finger if you are indulged in the activities having repeated movement of fingers or thumb like playing musical instruments, gripping objects or industry work.

Treatment of Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger can be diagnosed with the depiction of the problem and exam conducted by your health professional. The condition of pain & swelling at the finger or thumb base will be examined by your doctor. Talking about the treatment, the trigger finger has both surgical and non-surgical treatment options available!

If the condition is delicate, the specialist may recommend the non-surgical treatments including rest, splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, or steroid injections. If these non-surgical treatments could not able to provide relief, you may be advised to go for the surgery process.

A New Treatment – Trigger Finger Wand

Why go for surgeries when you have a completely natural treatment available!

Trigger Finger Wand is one of the best trigger finger treatment home remedies introduced in the market for curing troubles associated with trigger finger. Who would like to bear the pain, discomfort, or risks of the trigger finger! Neither we! Trigger Finger Wand is designed as an inexpensive alternative to surgery and work for the trigger finger treatment at home.

The device takes a new & effective approach to reduce the swelling in the tendon sheaths, in a painless way. Undoubtedly, it is the most innovative and practical solution presented for the cure of the trigger finger and is capable of showing visible results within a few days of treatment. The wand works as a compact ultrasound and far-infrared device that reduces the pain, discomfort, catching and locking of trigger finger without any side-effects or scars to the body.

Trigger Finger Wand is an effective trigger finger treatment without surgery that can be carried out without any specific medical procedure. Following a natural approach, you can even reuse the device for multiple fingers. You can integrate the trigger finger wand with proprietary oil and trigger finger tape to get the fast and best results. Order your modern home treatment for trigger finger at the best price!

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