Types of Pest Control and Safety Precautions

Pests, rodents, insects pose a great nuisance in homes, offices and farms. Getting rid of these stubborn pests is a herculean task. With the types of pest controls and safety precautions listed below, the task of destroying the pests becomes a lot easier.

Types of Pest Control

  1. Biological pest control

Biological pest control is a method of controlling pests that is used mainly in greenhouses but can also be used outdoors. This method uses living organisms to get rid of pesticides. These parasites interfere geographically and stop the pests from breeding further and infect the existing ones with fatal bacterial diseases. This method is extremely popular because of the fact that this method is chemical free and gives us the best results.

  1. Organic pest control

Organic best pest control company in Dubai is the natural way of eradicating pests. This method is considered very cost effective and is preferred by people who want to keep their children, pets and plants safe and also limit the damage caused by other animals and insects. Organic products are used as pesticides to get rid of pests. Biodegradable products like oil sprays, parasitic nematodes, floating row covers, and insecticidal oil sprays are used.

  1. Electronic pest control

Due to the technological advancements, now there are methods available that can destroy pests using technology. There are two types of electronic pest control.

– One is the Electromagnetic method which destroys the nervous system of the pests and repels the rodents.

– The other one is the Ultrasonic method which destroys the pests by producing high frequency and short length sound waves.

  1. Chemical pest control

Chemical pest control is a method where chemicals are used for destroying the pests. These chemicals are available according to the needs – residential, outdoor farms or offices and is available in solid, liquid or aerosol form. But one has to keep in mind that chemical pest control method can be very harmful for living organisms.

  1. Hygiene control

There is a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. One of the easiest methods of pest control services in Dubai is by preventing them from breeding. Pests breed only when the place is not very hygienic. Hygiene control is a method where homes, offices and outdoors are maintained neatly.

Safety Precautions

  1. Learn about the various pests that are causing problems in your office or home or farm and the control methods available. Choose a method that is best suited for your needs.
  2. Ensure that all the sources of food and water are either covered or removed.
  3. Clean and unclog spots before pest control is carried out. Pests can easily hide in places where there is too much of clutter. Pests can also easily breed when there are leaky pipes and water stagnation.
  4. Close holes in every nook and corner, if there are any. Pests can stay put in these holes and breed later.
  5. Read the labels on the pesticide bottles or packets and follow the instructions correctly.
  6. If the pest control is happening in the house, then keep your pets and children away from the chemicals. Also ensure that you are using only pesticides that are approved for home usage. Do not use chemicals intended for outdoor usage indoors as they can be toxic.
  7. After the pest control process is completed, ensure that you dispose of the remaining chemicals and pesticides according to the instructions stated on the labels.

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