Virtual Reality Has Come To Stay In Film Industry, But What Will It Do?

Technology is taking us far, wide into new lands of opportunities and privileges, which are not known in the past. Looking into the film industry and the way things are maneuvered, technology continues to change our perceptions and how the thing was done. Kudos to the Internet of Everything for bringing in new ideas that have keeps so many industries growing and booting.

Virtual reality, among what technology has brought, is today creating a new wave in film industries the same way it is doing in Healthcare industry where it is being used as therapy for social anxieties and phobias, i.e., public speaking, and also it is being researched to be a lifelong solution for phantom limb pain for amputees, reveals Medical journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

One needs not wonder again, that Virtual reality has reputable stands in many industries, which are not limited to entertainment, advertising, education, automobiles among other things, its growing presence in the film industry will be a blessing though there may be obstacles from the archaic style that may be very hard to change.

RamziHaidamus, Former president of Nokia Technologies, has lent an opinion to the development of VR for filmmakers saying it is a long time desire that is going to work perfectly and is perfect for storytelling.

In the same line, Guy Griffithe, Executive Producer, Actor, and the President of Bridgegate Pictures, the producer of “The Recall” with Wesley Snipes, “Humanity Bureau” with Nicolas Cage, “Distorted” with John Cusack and Christina Ricci, along with several more, has created a room for virtual reality to exist more in the film industry by signing a deal with Observer Media to kick start Techno Cams,which has all the equipment to film in 2D, 3D, Barco Escape format and Virtual Reality.

Upon knowing all these, it suffices to opine that Virtual Reality has come to stay; however, we what Virtual Reality will do to film industry?

People Experience

Rather than life experience, people experience will come to exist. Virtual Reality will put people in an artificial but appeared reality world. When you move around in a scene, you think you are high in the sky, but here you are on a chair.

All Side Views

Virtual reality will evolve all-side views of a scene. Films viewers are going to see things from so many angles. “Virtual reality, beyond the initial thrill, is a real new interface. Not only just for storytelling but the entire Internet. So you’re going to be able to go from a two-dimensional screen and walk into a website,” 8i co-founder and CEO LincGasking maintained.

Closer To Stage

Virtual reality will bring you closer to the stage and give you a cinematic view in style provided the movie industry dances to technology tunes.

“Imagine being few feet away from your favorite rock star while they perform on stage.Despite which price tag you paid for the event, you can be closer to the action than anyone because you are actually on the stage,” Says Virtual Reality Reporter.

When film industry gives Virtual Reality an opportunity to add more value to the section, more and more of cinematic views that movie viewers will not resist will troop in.


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