Life is already complicated as it is, more so after the recent global incident. But who said we couldn’t have fun, right? If you’re the person who understands the joy of having fun, seeing the best side of things and loves the little things, you need some new butterfly jewelry in your collection. You’ll be surprised to know that Chvker released a new pair of butterfly earrings for your lovely face.

Why the Butterfly?

Let’s figure out Chvker’s decision behind these flutter creatures. When you think about change, a butterfly immediately will pop up as a symbol. Your present-day self will dictate how you look at things, especially when you’re rocking these elegant earrings. Butterflies heavily take the symbolism of the constant change you undergo in life – from a teenager to adulthood, overcoming a hardship, new friendships, fresh relationships, and even landing on that dream job. Because of the forced “metamorphosis”, you had, get yourself a beautiful butterfly piece to celebrate a new chapter in your life.

Since these Pink Pave Butterfly Vermeil earrings are designed with a long list of delicate materials, sophisticated finishes, and sparkle, it’s a guarantee that this piece will make you look elegant daily or even for a social event.

What makes wearing butterfly earrings fun is that it offers whimsicalness, playful sizzle, and shining symbolism to any outfit of the day; you should add this statement accessory into your jewelry box as it is the hottest trend right now. It’s great because it’s a flexible piece; you can wear it casually together with a cute crop top paired with denim shorts. You can also wear these earrings for formal affairs like weddings, fancy dinner parties, and family events. Chvker claims that semi-formal attire is where these earrings shine best due to it featuring a gold vermeil butterfly pendant and hoop, both covered in glittering pink CZ stones. You can finally break up black and white striped tops with ease. These butterfly earrings come in a set that you can wear with Chvker’s Butterly Vermeil Necklace and Pink Butterfly Vermeil Ring. You can still wear them separately if you wish. The great thing is that you can opt for two different colors, Clear and Blue.

No doubt that people have worn Chvker butterfly jewelry for centuries, but it’s slowly becoming a global trend right now. Whether you decide to wear it because you understand it’s more profound meaning and have a connection with it, or it simply makes you look and feel good about yourself.