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What are EQ and IQ? Compare the difference between IQ and EQ

Each of us wants ourselves and our children to be the most intelligent people. But the success of a person depends on the EQ and IQ of that person. So what are EQ and IQ? What are the differences between these two indicators? And why do these two factors determine our success?

1. What is IQ?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, or is understood as the intelligence index of the human brain. A high IQ means that person will be thinking, reflective, agile and vice versa. 

IQ is an indicator that measures the intelligence of a person

For ordinary people, the IQ will be from 85 to 115. Some cases will have a higher IQ. When they have a high IQ, they possess an extremely great intellect, they can solve difficult problems in life that not everyone can do. Therefore, those with high IQ are easy to succeed in school and career. 

Besides, because they can succeed more easily than everyone else, in some cases people with high IQ are often complacent about themselves, taking others lightly and making it difficult to get close to others. 

2. What is EQ?

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, which is understood as the ability to identify and control emotions and thoughts of oneself and those around them. So EQ is an intellectual measurement of a person’s emotions and a determinant of his or her behavior. 

EQ is an index measuring a person’s emotions

According to research, people with a high EQ are usually those who are able to withstand pressure, stay calm in any situation. They are also emotional people, able to control their own emotions and easily sympathize with others.

Those with high EQ have a better chance of success in social life than in school, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and good thinking and decisions.

3. Compare EQ and IQ 

EQ and IQ are two indicators of a person’s emotion and intelligence. So what’s the difference between EQ and IQ? Let’s see the analysis of each indicator to compare. 

3.1. People with high IQ 

IQ is a person’s intelligence score. It is a measure of the person’s intelligence. Those with a high IQ will have a very creative mind, because they have a very logical way of thinking, great memory, so that high IQ people can absorb and remember things very quickly in just a few minutes. a short time.

People with high IQ will have an extremely creative mind and high thinking ability

Thanks to outstanding intelligence, people with high IQ are very successful in learning. Jobs such as: Scientist, scientist, math researcher, doctor, engineer, programmer, … These fields are very suitable for people with high IQ, because these jobs need to be new logical thinking can do it. 

In addition, high IQ people are often too focused on their work and thinking and are easily successful, so they will have a confident attitude and look down on others. Therefore, these people are often not intimate and live tends to like isolation.

3.2. People with high EQ 

EQ is a measure of human emotional intelligence. The ability of the owner of a high EQ is to know, accurately control his feelings and those around him.

Thanks to the ability to manage emotions well, high EQ people live a very optimistic life and withstand extremely good pressure. 

People with high EQ live very emotional, always understanding

Suitable jobs for them are: Writers, philosophers, professors, doctors, psychiatrists, human resources managers, leaders, … Because these jobs need patience and direction. to someone else. 

High EQ means that they live a lot of affection, always understanding, helping people around and being loved and respected by many people. So people with a high EQ are more likely to succeed in life than in reality than in books.

4. Which is more important between IQ and EQ?

EQ and IQ are both important and essential for a human being. According to the experts, to be a truly successful person, we need 80% of the EQ and 20% of the IQ. High IQ will well support the process of thinking and calculating correctly. And a high EQ helps us calmly make decisions that have a longer, mutually beneficial view. 

When applying for a job if you have a high IQ will help you easily get accepted. But in order to work for a long time, have the ability to advance, we need EQ. 

Which is more important between IQ and EQ?

Not everyone who succeeds has a high IQ but is capable of persuading to lead others to follow him.

So it cannot be said that IQ or EQ is more important, but we need to know the balance and right mindset when to use IQ and when to need EQ. This will help you become more complete and successful in life. 

5. Equally important indicators of EQ and IQ

In addition to the two indicators EQ and IQ, we also have 6 other indicators that are also essential in life and so each person’s abilities are different. The 6 indicators are:

5.1. AQ – Difficult indexes

People with high AQ are those who are able to overcome difficulties and adversities in life. They are progressive, persistent, able to endure hardships. Thanks to these qualities, people with high AQ are capable of advancement and success in the future. 

5.2. CQ – Creativity Index

High creativity index, proving that the person has a very creative and different way of thinking. Those with high landscape can easily become a trend leader, do not fall behind at any time, so it has great potential for development.

5.3. SQ – Social index

The SQ rating is similar to the EQ. People with high SQ are very sensitive to the changing situation of society, from which they have methods of coping at work to suit social needs and bring high efficiency.

5.4. MQ – Ethical Index

People often judge a person’s morals by their actions. But measuring the MQ is also a very good and accurate way of being ethical.

5.5. SQ – Index of language expression

This number is high so that the person’s ability to speak is very good. And when you know how to express language correctly and acutely you can easily succeed. 

5.6. PQ – Passion index 

Having a high PQ means that when you love a certain field, you will devote all of your time and energy to pursuing your passion. 

Above are the various indicators of humans. Do you find yourself with the highest index? 

Hope you guys understand more about the concept, the difference between EQ and IQ . Each person will have a strength. Take advantage of your highest stats to develop yourself to be perfect.

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