There are a lot of great options when choosing the best YouTube to MP3 app for Mac so you’ll need to do some legwork. Finding the right option that gives you everything you need will involve a bit of research. Lucky for you, we went ahead and did most of the research for you, comparing and testing lots of different choices to find the ones we like the best. We compared dozens of different apps and software with a wide range of features and options to really find the best ones on the market.

With so many different YouTube music downloaders for Mac, it’s important to know what factors to consider when choosing your software.

Ad-free functionality in YouTube converters

You hate ads. We hate ads. Although that’s how developers make money, they are still annoying. Some apps are capable of downloading only the video content, while others download ads in a separate folder you can send to trash later on.

Download YouTube music playlists and channels

YouTube users often sort video clips and group them into thematic playlists. It’s very convenient to get YouTube music playlist of your interest at one place and in just a couple of steps.

Output music formats

There are two types of audio quality: lossless and lossy.

Lossless music preserves the audio quality of the original source, maintaining CD quality.

Lossy music compresses the files to save space — but compromises quality.

Most YouTube converters offer only MP3, but some of the tools allow users to choose many more media formats.

Quality of the YouTube sound

Want to enjoy the best sound quality? How do you do it? The answer is in the bitrate. For the ultimate audio quality, converting YouTube to MP3 for Mac is the ultimate option. Unfortunately only a handful of applications offer a variety of bitrate options. To get more about Bitrade,read here.

Usability of the YouTube to MP3 converters

Usability is a buzzword in today’s technology. How many steps does it take to accomplish a task? How long does it take to save a video from YouTube? Are the features self-explanatory or does it take seemingly forever to figure out why you need a particular feature and much less, how it works? Do you find the software UI visually appealing or does a mere glance give you tired head? Hang on…we are about to shine a little light on the situation!