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What type of Bricks Are Used to Build Houses Now?

With the continuous development of society and the advancement of science and technology, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and more and more people want to build their own houses. People who already have houses are also thinking of remodeling their old houses. Build your own new house with retaining wall blocks.

But building a house is a complex project, involving a lot of professional skills and special construction materials. Here we only analyze and introduce the bricks used to build the house. Hope to help you choose the right bricks and build your most strong and beautiful house.

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What bricks are used to build houses now?

1. Cement brick

The cement brick is high strength and does not need to be fired. Its main materials are pollutants and fly ash from power plants. It is a relatively environmentally friendly material. However, it is not as good as a red brick in combination with the plastering mortar, so cracks are prone to occur on the wall.

2. Fly Ash Brick

It is mainly made of fly ash as the main raw material. It has strong air permeability, strong plasticity, good water absorption, can effectively maintain the humidity of the air, and is resistant to wear.

3. Sand Lime Brick

Its main raw materials are sand and lime, which are cured by high-pressure steam. It is a new type of building material with excellent performance and mature technology, and it is mostly suitable for load-bearing walls of multi-story mixed structure buildings.

4. Perforated Brick

It is mainly made of clay, shale, and fly ash through molding and roasting. Generally speaking, its porosity is equal to or greater than 15%. The size of the holes is small and the number is large. It is also mainly suitable for construction Load-bearing wall.

5. Small Concrete Hollow Block

It is made of ordinary concrete materials such as cement, sand and stone. Its hollow rate can reach 25%-50%, and it has the advantages of light weight and good seismic performance. It can not only be used in non-load-bearing walls, If the strength level is higher, it can also be used in the load-bearing walls of multi-storey buildings.

6. Hollow brick

It uses clay and cinder ash as the main raw materials, and its porosity is generally equal to or greater than 35%. It is widely promoted by the country because of its light weight and low consumption of raw materials. Although it is also a common material in the construction industry, it is generally used for non-load-bearing parts of construction.

Why Don’t You Use Red Bricks to Build Houses?

1. Complicated Production and Environmental Pollution

Red bricks are made by high-temperature firing, and the production process is more complicated. In addition, a lot of harmful gases are emitted during the production process. Small brick factories emit these toxic gases directly into the atmosphere, which seriously pollutes the environment.

2. Excessive Waste of Resources

The production of red bricks requires the use of a lot of clay, so it will destroy a lot of land resources. In some areas, even the arable land in the village will be destroyed. Such a practice will destroy the ecological environment. At the same time, a large amount of coal is needed for firing, resulting in excessive consumption of non-renewable resources.

3. Poor Security

The hardness of the red brick itself is extremely high, but the earthquake resistance is poor. Once an earthquake occurs, it will cause serious injury to people and cause a large number of deaths and injuries.

The Production Process of Bricks

The cement solid bricks, concrete hollow blocks, and porous bricks mentioned above. These bricks are all produced with concrete block making machines. Brick machines can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic. If you just want to build your own house, you only need to buy a small semi-automatic block making machine.

But if you want to produce a large number of bricks, you need a fully automatic concrete brick machine with a daily output of 25000pcs.

The principle of the production of concrete bricks is to mix raw materials such as cement, sand, fly ash and other raw materials in a certain proportion, mix them with a concrete mixer, and then transfer the raw materials to the mold of the brick machine through a conveyor belt, and the brick machine vibrates And the upper mold is pressed down to form bricks.

Whether you want to produce bricks of various sizes, a brick machine can be used. You only need to exchange different molds according to the size of the bricks.

Through the above understanding, you should know how to choose the right bricks to build your own house. If you want to know more about making bricks, you can contact LONTTO. They can give you more details.

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