What You Need to Know About HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC Router

Nowadays, if you are looking for an advanced technology router for your network, you need to get your hands on HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC router. All the HP routers are made using the latest technology for fast and secure internet connectivity over the network. If you don’t have any idea about this HP router, you certainly are in the right place. Here in this post, I am going to discuss all the features and functionalities of HP MSR1002 AC router for the users, who wish to buy it.

Features of HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC Router

Here are some of the basic features, which you get to see in the HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC router:

  •         256MB Flash Memory
  •         Comes with one year warranty
  •         Supports Gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP, Fast Ethernet, NTP Networking
  •         Provides Remote Management over Telnet, SSH, CLI, SNMP 1, SNMP 2, SNMP 3, HTTP and RMON

This HP MSR 1000 Router series is a family of extravagant performance, entry-level, small branch routers, which have the capability to deliver mobility, security, switching, SIP, routing all in a single box. With its modular design and integrated infrastructure, the HP MSR1000 series routers minimize complexity and simplify your network while enabling enhanced performance and faster time to series. This HP series router enhances the agility and flexibility through open standards and by delivering support for a foremost selection of connectivity options to its users effectively. Moreover, it also offers lasting investment protection and helps in reducing operating expenses and capital.

The functionality of HPR Flex Network MSR1002 4 AC Router

The HPE FlexNetwork MSR1000 Router Series has the capability to deliver extravagant performance, small branch routing up to 500Kbps in a cost-optimized modular form factor. It comes featuring integrated security, switching, routing and SIP with not any kind of additional licensing. You get the chance to effortlessly boost your service delivery while simplifying the management of your corporate WAN. With its convenient modular design and Compare v7, the MSR1002 4 AC router brings advanced services and enhanced performance. Moreover, a choice of flexible connectivity options to provide open standards, flexible and lasting investment protection with lower OPEX and CAPEC for small-sized branches.

Media Features

The HPE Flex Network MSR1002 4 AC comes with media security features like:

  •         WAN TCP optimization, data compression, redundancy and elimination
  •         EVI (Ethernet Virtual Interconnect), VXLAN, and VPLS
  •         Stability with IRF (Intelligent Resilient Fabric)
  •         Enhances security with its built-in IPS and firewall, with an optional HPE IPS filter subscription
  •         MSR1002 open flow facilitates SDN (Software Defined Networking)

Simplifies Your Network and Reduces Complexity

The HPE Flex Network MSR1000 router series simplifies your network by providing integrated security, routing, voice and switching and combines the flexibility of modular upgrades to provide extravagant performance small branch routing. You get the chance to make administration easier with the help of HPE IMC (Intelligent Management Center) Software. Moreover, it reduces the management complexity with ZTP (zero-touch deployment) and dynamic VPN.

Enhances Branch Performance and Time to Service

HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC router can provide extravagant enactment routing up to 500kbps forwarding and 170 Mbps of IPSec encryption throughput to meet the bandwidth requirements of the branch office. It supports the branch requirements with a comprehensive set of features to improve the delivery of service. Moreover, eases the transition to the cloud with integrated security.

Increase Your ROI (Return on Investment)

HPE Flex Network MSR1002 router features a compact modular platform with an extensive range of connectivity options, which effortlessly enables the best design for your connectivity needs. It proficiently reduces your TCO via open standards, energy-efficient hardware, power and space savings. It deploys advanced features without any kind of additional licensing.

Boost Resiliency and Agility

The HPE MSR1002 router has the capability to provide branch service and business continuity with 3G and 4G/LTE WAN. It gives you an open standards approach to your network substructure. With its advanced hardware architecture, users get high-performance functionality, reliability with its multi-core processors.

About HP

HP has been manufacturing the latest technology networking equipment for quite some time now. They are quite famous among small to multinational businesses, who require the latest technology networking devices for their office and branch networks. All the network equipment by HP is available in the market at a market competitive price for the convenience of its users. They don’t compromise on quality while manufacturing the latest technology networking devices, as they understand the value of consumer money.

Final Thought

In the end, to wrap up this discussion about the HPE Flex Network MSR1002 AC router, I would like to suggest this router by HP to the people who wish to have uninterrupted internet connectivity with fast speed data transfer and downloading. It surely is recommended to users who need a secure internet connectivity device for their business network.

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