With self-occupation or ROI, investing in the residential real estate has always been very fascinating for many investors.

Real estate investment is one of the most common yet high lucrative forms of investment. Perhaps that’s the reason why high-net-worth individuals are very much motivated to invest in apartments in Deira Dubai. Savvy investors are very much inclined towards buy-to-let investment. Typically, people’s willingness to invest in the residential real estate tends to change depending on what stage of life they’re in.

Although investing in the real estate might not be a cakewalk for everyone, investing in the residential property can turn up beneficial in many ways. Here’re a few significant benefits that you must have a look. So let’s dive in;

Passive Income Stream

Mostly, people invest in the real estate to make a passive income stream. For obvious reasons, not all the real estate investments are created equal. You might be hesitant about such investments as you aren’t willing to have any full-time or even part-time obligation. Most of all, the thought of owning & maintaining the real estate may seem & sound daunting as well as difficult with your already busy schedule.

For Pension

Based on location, employment and other factors, pension schemes vary tremendously in the success & returns. Though it’s not guaranteed that when retirement hits, the income is going to cover the cost of living. But for all the practical reasons, Buy-to-let property, if well-managed, is quite likely to provide solid returns almost immediately, supporting almost a comfortable lifestyle while making the retirement enjoyable & stress-free.

Many industry experts have recently discussed using the property as a supplement to a pension. They all concluded that it’s likely to be a well-made retirement plan for any individual.

Price Appreciation

Many investors are keen about making money on price appreciation. For instance; the property that was worth 4.5 million on the outskirt of the town is now worth more than 7 million based on current market price hikes. Inevitably, it’s a tremendous appreciation within a matter of just 5 years, despite a cycle of recession during that time span. Although property rates are affected by economic as well as market forces, prices normally move up gradually over a period of time.

Although the price appreciation, as well as rental income, increases gradually, Al Barsha apartments are known to be an investment that moves in tandem with inflation. Alongside, the equities show up this feature over a longer time frame. So here comes another great yet persuasive benefit of investing in the residential real estate; the added benefit of price appreciation.


Undoubtedly, the residential or commercial properties are amongst the safest and yet potentially most profitable investment markets. Have you ever heard of a house going broke? Obviously not! But we always hear the companies – that were previously considered as blue-chip companies – have gone broke. Even if we consider the instability or ups & downs of real estate values that come across, the underlying trend of property value in the residential property markets have always been steady growth.

You don’t have to believe any random guy who writes an article about it. Just ask the banks, and they’ll tell you the truth. Banks have always recognized the residential properties as excellent security. And the reason why they’re more than willing to lend you up to even 90% of the amount is that they know the property value is either least likely to or will never fall down. In fact, the entire Banking systems are entirely underpinned by the consistent growth of residential real estate.

Just think of it practically! Residential real estate is the only investment market that’s not dominated by investors. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s known to give investors a built-in safety of their investment.