You Must Read This Before Owning A Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a fan that is located on the ceiling of the room. This fan has many advantages offered, the ceiling fan in addition to functioning as air conditioning, this fan can also increase the comfort of a room. There are various options for this one ceiling fan, ranging from an ordinary physical aspect to some using lights that function to illuminate the room. Ceiling fan products that have these lights have varied prices and superior specifications. You can get a ceiling fan by buying it at a reputable store, look for websites that have many types of ceiling fans that are right for you! Additionally, if you want to upgrade your home and bring a smart home concept, then we suggest you check out various types of the smart ceiling fan. You might also want to take a look at many types of smart ceiling fan design.

In buying a ceiling fan, we must consider many things, such as adequate ceiling area, fan installation & the need for wind supply for a room (referring to the specifications). This is deemed necessary so that household electronic goods are not bought in vain.

Fan size must be as needed

The number and length of the blades on the ceiling fan determine how much air can be produced. For a bedroom with a ceiling distance of 3.6 meters, a standard fan with four blades spaced 42 inches each is relatively capable.

While in larger rooms, a ceiling fan with a distance between the blades of 52 inches is highly recommended to provide better airflow.

The standard ceiling fan is four blades, but some models have five or even six. This means the air supply when the fan is moving will be more. If you want to enrich the air circulation in your home without having to buy a bigger one, then look for a ceiling fan with a maximum of five blades.

The distance between the fan and the floor must be considered

A minimum, seven feet or 2.1 meters of applicable distance between the fan blades and the floor. But of course, this general distance can change depending on the condition of the ceiling in each house.

Therefore, various fan manufacturers deal with consumer needs by presenting two basic configurations: standard and hugger models.

-Standard models feature a download of approximately 6-8 inches that extends from the bracket to the end of the fan. This model is perfect for homes with a ceiling height of 2.4 meters or more.

– For low ceilings, hugger or flush-mount models are recommended because they can provide better air to the heads of family members.

Is there a way to save on electricity costs?

If decreasing electricity bills at home are the main reason you buy a ceiling fan, then choose a model that has an energy-saving label or the like.

This product has an engine that operates 60 percent more efficiently than one not labeled as such, thus saving electricity bills more efficiently.

There are also Ceiling Fans that use lights!

Don’t think that all ceiling fans are equipped with lights. Check carefully before buying, what is included in the box.

According to taste, you can buy a ceiling fan that is equipped with a light in the middle. This type of ceiling fan is also offered by online shops selling electronics and fans, and this type of ceiling fan is available in pretty good shape and color variants and a good quality fan like this can improve the atmosphere of the room to be more comfortable.

However, we also recommend you match the ceiling fan design with the theme of your house. This is necessary so the new ceiling fan can emphasize the design of your house and it might become the focal point of the ceiling in the living room of your house. This is necessary so you will not choose a fan design that is not suitable for your house’s theme, so it will not ruin the atmosphere of your room.

That’s it for the tips that we can share with you on this occasion. We hope this article can help you find the best ceiling fan or even a smart ceiling fan that is right for you.


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