3 Cloud Services Your Startup Urgently Needs

Customers do not care if you are a startup. That is the more reason you need to buckle up and leave up to the task. When fund become your problem, going for some services can give you a rest of mind, and make you feel you have already arrived.

Some cloud services will increase your efficiency, bounce you up while others are staggering, and make you a dependable entity before your customers, because it would be very uneasy to get your users loyally behind you without offering what others failed to offer.

“Companies use cloud services to stand tall above their competitors, especially those who are just starting up,” says Mathew at ePROMIS Solution.

“Industries and enterprises need cutting edge technologies to have ultimate business efficiency in everyday processes of their organization,” he added.

All these signal the fact that more needs to be done is skyrocketing your startup, and that is why I have prepared here 3 Important cloud services your business needs.

You have a team working from different places, or in the same office or different section, you need a collaboration tool to make your work highly efficient. Through collaboration tools, be rest assured that you could track the work and results of your team from anywhere.

Although, there are many collaborative tools that you can use as a team, however, going by reviews, Teamwork Projects and Asana are ideal for professionals. The two contain what you need to keep track on your projects. Use any of these tools to become more productive, your startups need it.

Email Marketing Tools

Your business needs email marketing tools to sell and remind customers what you offer. This is one of what you can use to be ahead of others.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more important than it is now,” says Nathan Hangen, the co-founder of Virtuous Giant and creator of IgnitionDeck. You need to understand how to send emails using genuine method that won’t have effect on your service.

When seeking good email marketing cloud services, MailChimp is free, iContact and Benchmarkare meant for small businesses, while GetResponse offers a low cost service. They all come in a free trial package to guarantee their services are awesome. The choice is yours!

Security and Network Monitoring Tools

You need to manage your technological tools to be save from hackers. A small loophole can ruin your business and make you lose a lifetime value.

Cyber attack is becoming rampant this days and this is the reason you need to manage your technology infrastructure.Dan Steiner,the CEO of security firm Online Virus Repair Inc, has warned that “data breaches come at a tremendous cost, both financial and reputational. Protecting your (and your customers’) data must be core to your business plan, and executed with the same diligence as hiring your first employees or setting up your payroll system.”

One of the tools you can depend on is Spiceworks Network Monitor, which monitors your network without charging a penny. It observes your network dealings and send in alert in case of any problem before things get out of hand. Webroot Secure and Bitdefender antivirus are another invaluable tools for tackling ransomeware. They cost less and arereliable security manager you won’t regret you have.

You need these cloud services to spring up your productivity. This will have immediate effect on your customer. Why not implement them without any delay.

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