Best Iphone Apps in 2017 for Watching Movies Online

There is no doubt that in today’s world the entertainment industry is at its peak.

Fortunately for the business world, entertainment coupled with state of the art technology is a massive boom for the world. Our smart phones are with us every minute of the day and for most, it is completely impossible to leave their sight! Nowadays every individual no matter what their age loves watching movies and now that those pixels can be cramped up into the mobile screens with the highest of definition & quality, a number of mobile applications have been launched to make the experience even better. Following are some of the best mobile applications on Iphone to watch online movies. These are especially dedicated to IOS. They are well organized and have the best functionality to search movies.

Ø Crackle Movies: some websites do not possess all the functions and features of an absolutely perfect experience but the same cannot be said for crackle services. The best option they provide that is a win-win for any user, is that there services are completely free with no hidden subscription charges. This allows you to even save movies for later while they keep loading in the background without any trouble. Crackle makes sure that they retain their users by matching their user interface and movie quality with the internet speed.

Ø Yidio: Yidio is one of the perfect options when you do not know which movie to watch and still have to decide from amongst a number of options. It gives you a way to filter and extract the type of movies you want to see by allowing you to streamline them in a number of ways, either by genre, by premiere date, new to old, historical, the most trending. They want to relate to you by saving your preference and watching history in a separate window in order to suggest you movies of your choice in the future.

Ø Yuoko: Due to Chinese customs and the government, we all know that the Chinese have their own version of the internet. Similarly Yuoko is a Chinese application for IOS that works on the same front as YouTube. It allows users to save and streamline movies and is the perfect way to spend your time without any buffering trouble. The application as two basic functions, the primary one being searching for the content you would like to watch and the secondary one for saving the customers preference content for a later watch.

Ø Popcorn Fix: Some individuals are so hooked up on their entertainment that they can watch anything without regard to genre. Popcorn Fix is the perfect fix for these people. Like many other application, this mobile app has ample interface space to and allows users’ free access to watch movies online.

Ø Netflix: Where we have talked about some free applications, there are also those mobile applications that work on subscriptions and yet are the most irresistible. Netflix is one of those. It asks the user for a subscription with different packages that can suit user needs according to their frequency of watching movies online. They can also download movie content or television shows for offline watching. They have a well designed interface that allows users to watch movies created by Netflix that gives them a special experience as these movies are not available on any other platform.

Ø Viewster: this is another platform that allows online streaming of videos whenever one feels like it. The good thing about Viewster on IOS is that it supports the apple TV interface, as a result giving you a wide screen experience. In addition you do not have to search for new content. The web developers update fresh content on a weekly basis and increase their unique content based on user demand. Unlike other websites, it also provides you with other details of the movie such as cast, synopsis, duration, reviews, rating, etc.

Ø Movies and TV shows: One aspect of this IOS app that is different from the rest is that apart from local movies, this application has a library of exclusive foreign movies, extended documentaries, etc. as well. It offers the perfect opportunity to those individuals who like to watch movies and TV shows irrespective of the genre and across all borders. This application will give you a chance to dwell on a unique movie watching experience by opening the doors to international cinema.

Though not all IOS applications cater to user needs and may be a tad bit different from what they would want, knowledge of these is essential in today’s world where you need a fast escape from reality. These mobile applications allow you to stream movies or download them for a quick offline watch.

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