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Progressive Web Apps: A Better Version of the Native Apps

Progressive web apps do not require a download, installation, or registration on a users’ device. Read this blog to know how to build a progressive web app.

Many different companies have begun switching to progressive web apps in recent years due to their relatively reliable and engaging experience than native apps. PWAs offer an integrated mobile experience to the users. But you cannot consider them as the replacement of the native apps for more companies.

Native apps are equally good and engaging, but as far as the mobile web implementations are concerned, many companies still prefer PWAs. The PWAs proffer an app-like experience to the users. The users get the chance to work offline and can view the cached content. Also, they can receive notifications.

What benefits do users procure :

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What Is The Definition Of PWA :

Progressive Web Apps are the apps you can build from the web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The greatest advantage of the PWA apps is that you can turn any website into PWA. In other words, you can create a PWA app more quickly than a native app, and it’s easy to develop as well. In addition to it, you can offer all the native apps’ features such as push notifications, offline support, and a lot more things

There are many sites online, which are Progressive Web Apps. for example- and They perform similar to the native apps. You can run them from an iPhone or an Android smartphone. You can log in, and you are good to go!

Features of PWA :

What Are The Components Of PWA :

PWA consists of the following components :

Note: A service worker is a separate script from the web page, and a browser can run them in the background.

A service worker provides these features :

Read below the google developer guidelines for the application shell :

Most of the time, PWAs are built using the application shell architecture. You need a blend of SSR and CSR to make an app shell. You can use streams API as well to create a PWA.

How To Build A Progressive Web App With App Builder :

I hope by now, you might be familiar with the fundamentals of PWAs; let us now know how to make one from scratch.

You might have faced many challenges and issues while choosing a tech stack that enables you to manifest all your goals for delivering a better user experience. In such a scenario, A PWA app builder is a great choice, to begin with!

Below are the tools to create a PWA app :

 You can use “await import” my module (A web standard syntax for dynamic imports) and roll up knows how to bundle this in the right way.

Apart from these tools, you can employ the below steps to create a PWA app:

Note: Once you add the app to the home screen, the PWA will appear like a native app.


PWAs are, therefore, a powerful tool for creating modern web applications. All you need is a great PWA app builder!

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