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Software Testing Documentation and Services

The process of thoroughly checking a software application to see whether the actual results match the required results and that the application is error-free is known as software testing. Testing can be done manually or using automated tools. Even when enterprises have an automated system, they opt for manual testing to ensure that the software application is free of defects and is delivering the expected results.

QA testers are different from developers, though some developers also provide the testing services. Many times, enterprises choose to outsource the testing services for high-quality output. Instead of maintaining an internal team with QA testers, enterprises either hire testers on a project-basis or outsource the task to experienced testers.

Many companies in the market provide independent QA testing services to enable enterprises to successfully launch their software applications on time. There are various types of QA services provided by companies.

Software Testing Documentation is the documentation of artifacts created during or before the testing of the software.

It is a complete set of documents that allows the enterprises to record and describe in detail the test planning, design, execution, estimated time, effort, and money, test coverage, resource tracking, execution progress, and test results.

Testing is a formal activity and the process, from start to finish, is documented in detail. This document helps in reviewing the testing process and the software application. It helps enterprises to avoid repeating the mistakes of the previous project in the next one. The following are the different types of test documentation.

Let us now take a look at the best practices that enterprises need to follow for the software testing documentation.

Documenting the testing process has a lot of advantages for the enterprises and the professionals involved in the development and testing of the software application.

One aspect to remember is that the cost of test documentation could be high. Enterprises will have to find a way to balance the costs and create a test document.

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