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Top 5 Bank of America Apps to Manage Your Finances

Bank of America Apps

In today’s digital age, banking apps are crucial for managing your finances on the go. Bank of America offers several useful apps to customers that make banking tasks convenient and easy. This article will explore the top 5 Bank of America apps that provide the most helpful features for your banking needs. Whether you want to deposit checks, send money, monitor your accounts, or more, these apps have you covered.

1. Mobile Banking App

The Bank of America Mobile Banking app allows you to complete a wide range of banking services right from your smartphone. This essential app enables you to:

View Account Balances and Transactions

Transfer Funds

Pay Bills

Deposit Checks

Receive Alerts

With robust features packed into an easy-to-use interface, the Mobile Banking app makes managing your Bank of America accounts a breeze.

2. ATM Cardless Cash

The ATM Cardless Cash app allows you to withdraw cash from Bank of America ATMs without using your debit card. This adds an extra layer of security and convenience when you need to grab cash.

Generate Secure Codes

Withdraw Cash Code-Free

Increased Security

Access at Thousands of ATMs

For quick cash pickups without your physical debit card, the ATM Cardless Cash app has you covered.

3. Erica Virtual Financial Assistant

Erica is Bank of America’s AI-powered virtual financial assistant designed to look after your financial life. This innovative app allows you to:

Get Personalized Insights

Manage Finances Hands-Free

Set Financial Goals

Receive Proactive Alerts

With Erica by your side, you’ll have 24/7 support to simplify and streamline your financial life.

4. Merrill Edge Mobile Investing

For DIY investors, the Merrill Edge app provides robust trading and investment management tools. You can:

Trade Stocks and ETFs

Access Investment Research

Manage Investment Accounts

Receive Custom Notifications

With Merrill Edge, you have a powerful investing app to build and manage a diverse portfolio no matter where you are.

5. Bank of America Credit Card App

The Bank of America Credit Card app allows you to easily manage your Bank of America credit card accounts. You can:

Review Statements

Make Payments

Receive Alerts

Manage Settings

Access Rewards

With the Credit Card app, your Bank of America credit cards are right at your fingertips no matter where you go.


Bank of America offers an impressive suite of mobile apps to provide convenient and secure account access on the go. From basic banking needs to investing, credit cards and more, these top 5 apps have the features you need to monitor your finances and complete transactions seamlessly anytime. With robust account management, customizable notifications and cutting-edge tools like Erica and ATM Cardless Cash, these apps are designed for the digital age. By leveraging Bank of America’s mobile apps, you can take control of your money and bank efficiently from your smartphone.


Q: What types of accounts can you manage with Bank of America’s mobile apps?

A: Bank of America’s mobile apps allow you to manage checking, savings, credit card, investment, and Merrill accounts. The apps provide account access, transactions, payments, alerts and more.

Q: Are Bank of America’s mobile apps secure?

A: Yes, Bank of America incorporates robust security measures in their apps including encryption, multi-factor authentication, biometrics like fingerprint login, and required access codes. Using their apps is more secure than relying solely on your debit card.

Q: Is Erica, the virtual financial assistant app, free for Bank of America customers?

A: Yes, Erica is a free app offered exclusively to Bank of America customers. It does not cost anything to chat with Erica or use her financial management features.

Q: Can you deposit both checks and cash using Bank of America’s mobile deposit feature?

A: You can deposit checks through Bank of America’s mobile app using your smartphone’s camera. However, you cannot deposit paper cash using mobile deposit and will need to go to an ATM or branch for cash deposits.

Q: What types of credit cards does Bank of America offer mobile apps for?

A: Bank of America offers a robust credit card app compatible with all of their consumer credit card products including BankAmericard, Travel Rewards, Cash Rewards, Premium Rewards and Customized Cash Rewards cards.

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