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What is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android and how to fix it?

Sometimes you open up your Facebook application on your phone and get an error message like “Sorry, Facebook has stopped” or “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped”. If you encounter this problem, do not worry, this article will guide you on how to fix the Facebook orca error. You can also apply this method to other applications that get the same message.

1. What is Facebook orca?

Before learning more about the way to fix Facebook Katana, you should know about the error first. This is a widespread error for those who use Facebook. This error is determined not only because your computer is overloaded but also because your Facebook has problems. Usually, people who encounter this error will have to stop their browser right away.

2. How to fix the Facebook orca error

One thing is sure that if you get this Facebook orca too much, you will feel troublesome and uncomfortable. So fixing this error will be what you will need. You can follow and choose one of the methods below to apply for your phone.

– The way 1

First, you can use the most straightforward method, which is how to remove the Facebook application’s Cache and data. To do this, do the following:

 + Go to Settings on your phone

 + Touch More tab

+ Go to Application Manager

+ Swipe the screen and find all the apps.

+ To see the Facebook application, scroll down the screen.

+ Touch the Facebook application and find file com Facebook orca, tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

+ This will bring your users back to its original state.

Now open the Facebook application again and get the results.

– Method 2

If you have tried to remove the Cache and the application’s data has no results, please remove the Facebook application. Remove the app is known as the fastest way to solve the problem. Then go to CH Play store and install the new Facebook application.

– Method 3

If the above methods still can’t fix the problem and your phone can enter ClockworkMod mode. Here, navigate to Recovery mode and clear the Cache and Dalvik Cache. Then restart your phone and go back to Facebook. If the problem still occurs, then press the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously until the phone screen appears Android Robot, now you should clean up the Cache of the device.

Furthermore, sometimes because your phone has no RAM left, it leads to a Facebook orca error. Therefore, you should close multitasking and applications do not reuse.

– Method 4

If your phone does not have much Ram or phone’s memory, using Facebook Lite is the best choice. Facebook Lite runs like regular Facebook, but it will help you save your phone’s memory. This is a shortened version of Facebook. This version is lightweight, uses fewer data and operates in all network conditions. This application is compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and above. However, as a shortened version, this application will lack some features compared to Facebook. This may be a temporary solution while waiting for Facebook to update a stable release again.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about Facebook orca error and how to fix it. If you need more useful and necessary information about the problem, you don’t forget to visit our website to get more.

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