Have you always liked gaming, but do you want to take this hobby to the next level? Designing your own game is the perfect way to do this! But, designing your own game isn’t as simple as it sounds, as there are a lot of steps you need to think through to the finest detail. This blog will be of perfect help, as we’ll list three things that every game needs. Get started immediately!

1. Worldbuilding

The most awesome part about playing a game is that you control a character in a world that’s completely different to ours. You get to explore, which soon results in you finding yourself in situations that are unlikely to happen in real life. When you design a game yourself, this feeling of a new world is something you want to activate for anyone playing. This is done by worldbuilding: you think about the look of your world, but also which climate it’s placed in and how that affects the gameplay overall. Are you picking snowy mountains or do you prefer a dry dessert?

2. Characters

Your world is full of different characters. Firstly, it’s possible to play with different characters that all have something special about them. Players pick the character that fits them best and treat the game like they’re the ones playing themselves. But, you also need to put thought into the other characters, as your character is very likely to run into people that will help them, fight them or mentor them through certain situations. These characters might not need as much background, but still there should be thought put into them as it’s these details that make or break the game.

3. Storyline

Then finally, the most important part of your game: the storyline. This is what draws people into your game. A storyline can be as crazy as you make it yourself, but it’s important that it fits both your world and your character. Meetings between different characters are a big part of your story, but you can’t let them happen without thinking about the meaning of this. Battles, discoveries, repetition – anything is allowed, as long as it fits your story.

Work safe

When your game is almost done, it’s smart to have people try it for the first time, so you know what works and what doesn’t. To prevent DMCA takedowns from happening during this process, you want to work with an expert on cyber security, such as Onsist. They make sure that your content is fully yours and that no one runs with it, so you can deliver the perfect game for your target audience! Take a look at their website and get started immediately!