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Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus Beyblade BB-28 105RF Metal Fusion

Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus

BB-28 105RF Metal Fusion is a new beyblade from Takara Tomy, which will be released on July 23rd. If you’re a fan of the anime series, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this new beyblade. It’s a very high-powered model, with a metal construction, which should allow for some very powerful combat. In addition, it features a lot of characters, including Pegasus, which is a very powerful character, according to Takara Tomy.

Release date

Luckily for you, you can now buy a real Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus Beyblade. This spinning top toy is a powerhouse and it’s sure to satisfy your Beystadium obsession. It comes in a factory sealed retail box and it comes with everything you need to get started.

One of the coolest things about this Beyblade is that you can actually customize it to fit your preferences. For example, you can choose to emblazon it with an official Takara Tomy BB-110 string beylauncher to maximize its power. You can buy Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus Beyblade BB-28 105RF Metal Fusion – With String Launcher from . The Beyblade is compatible with all launchers, including the new Beystadium BB-100, but it won’t be compatible with the Beyblade Burst series. It also comes with a performance tip for a boosted spin rate, which is a surprisingly hefty upgrade over the stock spin speed found on most Beyblades.

The Beyblade Metal Fusion Storm Pegasus is a solid choice for your next Beystadium battle. It’s a super aggressive Beyblade that will do well against other beyblades in its league, including the old style Beyblades and the Metal Fight beyblades.


Those looking for a Beyblade with a bit of flair should check out the Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus Beyblade BB-28 (105RF) from the Beyblade Metal Fusion series. It comes with all the parts and accessories you need to play. This toy comes in a retail box that ships within 24 hours. It’s also compatible with all launchers.

One of the first Attack Type Fusion Wheels, the Storm has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Storm’s wings are made of spikes on three sides. These spikes are used for Smash Attacks. It also has a few other tricks up its sleeve, namely a ripcord launcher and a performance tip.

While the Storm has been outclassed by some Fusion Wheels, it still holds its own against old style Beyblades. This is due to the fact that it has a large surface area and a fair amount of traction. It can also self-KO Beyblades with a simple flip.


Specs of Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus Beyblade BB-28 105RF Metal Fusion: Storm Pegasus is one of the feared Beyblades in the Metal Fusion series. It has a Storm Wheel that gives it some smash attack. Its weight is 36 grams and it does well against Metal Fury and Shogun Steel Beyblades. It’s also an Attack Type Beyblade and it has a Rubber Flat tip that is great for attack customization.

The Rubber Flat tip has a large surface area and it provides a lot of traction against the stadium floor. It also helps with defense and it helps to make the beyblade move around the stadium faster. The tip is made of rubber and it has a blue color. It also has a little indentation in its base.

The Storm Pegasus is a great Beyblade for attack customization and the tip is made of plastic and rubber. It’s also very hard to beat. Its blade can be deadly in combos and it does well against Metal Fury and Metal Fight Beyblades.


Whether you are new to Beyblades or a seasoned veteran, you will find that the Metal Fusion Storm Pegasus is one of the most powerful Beyblades that you can purchase. It is known for its super aggressive attacks, but its ability to fend off Metal Fury and Shogun Steel Beyblades makes it a formidable opponent.

The Beyblade comes with everything that you need to play, including an official BB-110 Takara Tomy string launcher, a metal face bolt, a performance tip, and an assembly tool. It also comes in a factory sealed retail box. If you are interested in buying the Beyblade, you should know that desertcart offers unlimited free shipping to 164+ countries. You can also shop with peace of mind, knowing that the site is 100% legitimate and uses the latest upgraded technologies.

When you buy the Beyblade, you can expect to receive the product in less than 24 hours. You can also rest assured that your personal information is protected by our secure system.

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