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What Are The Nightborne Names? 600+ Best Nightborne Names

The nightborne (also spelled Nightborne) and shal’dorei in the native language is a mystical and robust breed of elves sleeping in Suramar. Since the city first separated from the rest of the planet more than 10,000 years ago, they are not real night elves and have evolved with the Night Fountain into a distinct elves species. For most of its isolated existence, virtually the entire group resided within the ancient city of Suramar and was led only until recently by Grand Magistrix Elisande. The Nightborne breed owes much of its unique physical characteristics to its long dependency on Nightwell, an ancient source of power created by the Suramar’s Highborne residents of Suramar during the War of the Ancients. During their prolonged isolation, the night owls’ exposure to the energies of the nightborne gradually transformed them from their original appearance of Kaldorei night elves to their current, darker, night-based form.

At the climax of the Ancient War, because the Kaldorei Empire began to crumble, the night elves of Suramar, led by the Highborne Elisande, erected a mighty shield that protected and ousted the town from the rest of the Legion it invaded. Azeroth and, therefore, the rupture erupting. There they could remain in self-imposed isolation for millennia. During the long period of their time after the end of the war, the Nightborne (as they evolved to convert) continued to excel and progress within the arcane arts and culture of the Kaldorei Empire, existing during a bubble that preserved the traditional culture of the Kaldorei Empire impeccably. For many millennia.

Suramar Night Elves

This period of content isolation, in which shelter was visibly flourishing, will eventually end abruptly with the onset of the third invasion of the burning army. When they were presented with a terrible request, most of the Nightborne leaders, following the example of the Grand Magistrix Elisande, finally chose to unite the demons to preserve their civilization. Despite this, the next invasion of the Legion saw the Rebellion of the Nightborne of the Night, made up of nocturnal dissidents against the Legion, become an open insurgency against the ruling powers of Suramar, which were still led by Grand Magistrix Elisande.

With the help of various forces from outside the Broken Isles, the Nightfallen managed to liberate the City of Suramar from the Burning Legion’s control and free the people of the night from their addiction to the Nightwell. By consuming the fruit of the mighty Arcan’dor tree, the shal’dorei eventually managed to escape their dependence on the source of facilities that had preserved them and enslaved them directly


The Great Sundering blasted some of Suramar to the bottom of the excellent sea. However, a genuine part remained above the coast within the Broken Isles thanks to the Resident Alternate’s efforts, who created a magical shield that maintained their city’s center. Together. This shield would remain awake for 10,000 years because the Altonato-led group believed that the planet outside Suramar had been destroyed. While the city was protected, it had been “probably almost impossible for the normal Nightborne to leave. However, this soon made them unable to survive without taking the magic out of Nightwell. The crime within the Nightborne society was punishable by exile. By stopping from their Night Well, the removals would first reduce to the State of Fallen Hungry of the Night. Continuing without food during this state causes further degradation in mindless creatures called withered. Unlike Nightfallen, Withered’s condition is irreversible, and death follows soon after.

An astronomer of the night

10,000 thousand years later, the Nightborne would lower their shield and surrender to the Burning Legion under their leader’s orders. Gul’dan worked with this leader, Grand Magistrix Elisande, in Nighthold. Not many born of the night accept Elisande’s decision as accurate, although they keep their disagreement a secret. With loyal and demons marching together through the streets of Suramar, fear and mistrust take over the hearts of other elves, and the family turns against the family. Arnwine is the method by which the nocturnal absorb the Night Fountain’s energies and, therefore, the palace rations it to regulate the population.

A Nightborne and Nightfall resistance group led by first Archonist Thalyssra formed inside the hidden corridors of the ruins of Shal’aran and is now protected by Ly’leth Luster. Together they seek to overthrow the Grand Magistrix Elisande and encourage the people the night to remember that they were once brave and noble, thus overcoming their fear of exile to face the current occupation of the Legion and bring to justice those who betrayed their people by allying with them.

Preview the race

 Behind a protective barrier for 10,000 years, Suramar’s elves became increasingly dependent on the Fountain of The Night’s arcane magic. To protect this source of power, the nightborne leaders reached an agreement with the Burning Legion that plunged their kingdom into war. After fighting to free themselves from their demonic hands, the Nightborne seek allies within the Horde to help them regain their place in the world.

Description of the creation screen

The born-of-the-night suramar spent isolated millennia behind an impenetrable barrier, slowly transformed by the magic of the Nightwell. These proud and noble elves now seek to reclaim their place in Azeroth.

Opening scene

Thalyssra: For ten thousand years, Suramar was the only world we knew. Because the ages passed, Azeroth changed around us. And fell into the hands of the Legion. To secure the future of our people, he wants to help get our place back in Azeroth. Venture alongside new allies and show the planet that the legacy of the Nightborne is one among the nobility. And strength.


After the death of Grand Magistrix Elisande and the Third Invasion of the Burning Legion, the Shal’dorei wished to return to the planet. Thalyssra believed that it had been unlikely that they could share a balance with the Horde, which might be natural to unite (or rejoin, because it was) with the night elves, with which Thalyssra was born. After an exchange between Thalyssra and Tyrande Whisperwind, skeptically cautious, Thalyssra became disillusioned with the night elves’ apparent arrogance and distrust. In contrast, Lady Liadrin of the blood elves expressed an identical relationship with the night elves. Thalyssra also felt that the Alliance as a corporation was too walled and too cloistered, an undesirable trait after walled for 10,000 years. Following a suggestion of mutual friendship from Lord Regent Lor’themar Theron of Silvermoon, the Shal’dorei leader decided that it would be better to unite the Horde, which shares ideals almost like those of the Nightborne.


The Nightbornes look almost like elves of the night, but their overall appearance is darker. Your skin does not have the brightest shades of purple and pink skin that night elves have but has paler skin with dark blue-purple tones. The hair of a shal’dorei is also much less colorful than that of the kal’dorei, as it only has colors of white, grey, black, or very pale blue hair. Colorful tattoos seem familiar among the Nightborne, although it is unknown whether they are cosmetic or the result of Nightwell’s energy. His eyes glow light blue.

Female Nightborne Names

We do care about the slogan female first and that’s why we are starting with the female Nightborne names. If you guys are looking for the female names only, so please choose the names for you or for your female names from the table given below.

Alydraeth Bearstar Nanas Shadowwhisper
Eythea Dewsinger Ilylora Leafrage
Eraelleas Stormwhisper Silrya Treeweaver
Triayell Dawnmane Delastra Amberclouds
Jaelysia Rainshot Irma Suntree
Nilenna Wintershade Am’lynn Stillflower
Galindea Stormfire Shedriel Stonehelm
Elylia Mistarrow Merelyenda Forestflower
Lilayenda Greenspear Meralyn Dusktree
Caralyn Ambertree Sylrenna Autumnwing
Mylyssae Thunderwatcher Thilyell Amberscribe
Eraenia Stagstalker Fanysa Autumnblower
Enanea Moonweaver Nydria Summerarrow
Velais Featherstar Rhylya Voidrage
Astathil Farbough Alayana Staroak
Amindia Nightmane Mytindae Featherstrike
Kedreath Evenlance Arealaes Bluecloud
Malaea Rapidmoon Relrynn Amberoak
Kydanair Stormleaf Nyrinai Oceanswift
Aaytia Fogwhisper Sala Oceanblower
Cycina Miststriker A’nya Amberfeather
Thelea Lightcaller Eyliene Autumnbreeze
Mydriel Silentflower Teslara Beardancer
Lenrisse Farsky Delas Moonwhisper
Rhyne Lightcloud Duldri Sunshot

Nightborne Last Names

Mycina Mosstree Jadris Swiftlight
Iyn’ra Shieldshot Shedriel Blacksnow
Enallaes Silvermane Aanira Woodbranch
Aerin Feathergazer Viviadyia Silvercaller
Shaltia Seawalker Elalanai Moonleaf
Thelanea Lunawhisper Nenyssa Silentmight
Syleanna Seashade Janyae Truefeather
Areaith Forestrage Rhyalas Raindancer
Aeorynn Stormstriker Alymoora Rapidmoon
Aethare Shieldwind Jerma Forestbranch
Asyurea Dewbloom Nytyell Stoneblower
Lelalias Dawnscribe Ileallaes Swiftbreath
Flia Stillwing Jatarii Bluefire
Faelina Nightshade Nhelylah Silentsword
Kynnai Shadowrage Silyana Skycloud
Wehara Dusklance Mydreath Sageshade
Fylasae Blueblade Yelaeth Stoneswift
Kariia Forestspirit Alaithil Oceancrest
Rerien Winterfire Delylah Trueoak
Arynasha Dawnheart Elyyell Voidswift
Fyliene Stormbreath Nanyssae Rapidleaf
Wedraeth Wildclouds Ilythae Thunderwing
Irai Wildseeker Eledri Thundercloud
Daryn Silvercloud Sagefeather
Aeosana Truebough Velania Blueheart

Wow Nightborne Names

Allaelor Lunaleaf Kaneath Rainsinger
Kerea Strongsword Liladaen Bluewind
Thywen Darkbow Malulor Blackcaller
Gerdos Darkthorn Elerith Stormwater
Denadaan Wintergazer Suraturas Forestshade
Rydlaess Stillblade Kathas Evenbloom
Yathaes Shieldspirit Lelillaeth Voidshade
Shedral Sunblade Elenados Leafscribe
Ylilidan Voidwing Volonis Shadelight
Taris Oceanrunner Cythannius Truesong
A’drieth Truerunner Lelaelath Stillforest
Aladros Stonearrow Asodren Starfeather
Lasam Amberstriker Larnian Forestwing
Dalminon Fogfire Kalaine Featherarrow
Carian Silentleaf Cefran Darkstrike
Enoraen Lightstrike Nyllaen Mooneye
Milaelas Lunasky Jidren Spiritblower
Fylaelar Rapidfire Talalaar Woodwater
Ylinorion Ambersnow Martas Sagestrike
Kharrannul Spiritflower Saedryn Stormeye
Illaelar Ravenstar Amanelle Treeeye
Silaenul Voideye Thedon Evengazer
Ygos Oceanrunner Fanvine Moonsnow
Baririel Starlance Galais Bladeleaf
Fellean Autumnshadow Yldon Greenblade

Male Nightborne Names

These are the male Nightborne names of those peoples who are looking for the male names, So that they can use them for their male friends as a nickname and also for the other purposes as well according to their choice.

Galaenel Nightsword Elydrieth Seafeather
Kalaeas Winterspirit Shedlaess Strongwater
Mytealar Dawnstriker Kerion Stillspyre
Gaeriel Ambercloud Barith Moondew
Agorn Stormtree Dolean Strongsong
Hadras Starswift Jadreas Thunderwatcher
Enaeth Feathershot Sheraei Darkcaller
Selallaes Blackblade Dodryn Autumnbough
Bolneth Skyclouds Marius Faroak
Arfran Duskbough Raendaar Oceanoak
Mythedon Wildsword Elylass Nightmight
Eyleass Moonswift Ytharion Shadeleaf
K’dir Windrunner Fahhalan Voidforest
Irarenthil Moonlance Faradaran Moondancer
Ranian Shadestriker Engorn Skyswift
Sililleath Shadegrove Mylealar Thunderwalker
Nytherian Fogmoon Ilylean Ambershot
Wethaes Nightarrow Mavodant Greenheart
Farandiir Silverstrike Tariel Blackspear
Endiir Sunbreath Valdor Forestbow
Lelealaeth Summerdancer Menrus Skygazer
Felelar Farmane Lalaeth Mossswift
Nytaerian Windoak Alnul Wildsong
Suranas Skywatcher Fellad Lightshadow
Malulan Leaflance Ellomon Evenspyre

Nightborne NPC Names

Itis Morningburst Hateron Eveningblossom
Bae’theas Somberband He’thul Darksorrow
Helris Moonspirit Hathan Sweetwalker
Sasen Firegaze Talnath Boldforce
Winrun Runekind Idonlemar Highdream
Wiil Peacesmile Main Lightspark
Haath Goldenflare Maean Twinhide
Pator Autumnburn Kath’thelon Tinderdesire
Anrin Moonhope Bathenis Phoenixburn
Perastus Brassmind Alamren Sweetgift
Zanazhen Lightblossom Zannae Peacedesire
Rahneas Violetmourn Nor’danas Dualshade
Melilarin Dayspark Gelrel Goldenbringer
Vranar Nimblewhisper Leth’ron Sweetbane
Peralarin Greatshine Helnir Phoenixstar
Camhaen Bronzesky Loeon Freeveil
Bitsen Downvale Maaen Solarmight
Celnien Velvetsky Althis Ancientblossom
Solden Cinderpoem Felethein Soulmight
Tynialarin Wildpride Fanotus Greatpath
Matean Twindesire Weleaesh Boldfeather
Baem’thaes Strongbreath Winlae Goldspark
Ithethol Morrowlove Ledril Wildbell
Larenthis Radiantfall Kelelinan Phoenixstar
Yarun Roseguard Salis Dualforce

Funny Nightborne Names

Welein Morrowblood Loranis Magesky
Zaeus Emberwhisper Rahsen Silverveil
Helnath Glaresun Ith’ron Whitehold
Vynlon Eagerfaith Dar’leron Goldenflight
Aellin Blackmind Ennian Starshield
Zeleron Grimsong Baeillan Mageflare
Weanis Strongtrail Iteath Eagerbirth
Vanthas Mageflame Nodon Goldshade
Valmarrin Crimsondreamer Alalis Blackluck
Queltheol Lightpost Amormar Leafsky
Kre’thas Glowtwist Za’thul Nightstrider
Bemhaen Morningshade Hereath Goldflame
Keledeyn Violetsinger Gelrodan Swiftsorrow
Lonthis Rosereaver Solranir Brightgaze
Zathis Mirthspirit Colestis Runedesire
Haillan Flaregaze Yatith Magebreath
Herveth Nightfate Draazhen Rightreaver
Krelon Firesun Quellinan Darkdown
Tandan Phoenixheart Fasil Radiantbringer
Kaleron Palespear Ithnir Keenfeather
Meaen Leanshield Jeesh Goldpower
Noesh Lightdepth Weaeth Oddburst
Tothas Rightsinger Mirrin Sunhope
Malaris Tinderwalker Alesnomir Keenpride
Bavedon Paleflare Lelorenis Mirthmight

Nightborne Warlock Names

Kelanna Heartshield Jovirin Blackseeker
Syerel Palewalker Elaanna Arcanelove
Vena Silverflare Zarmine Sparksky
Norin Sharpbeam Keerin Wildpost
Feydine Strongfall Elalia Warmwalker
Kalyna Cinderstrider Velanna Highpost
Cearea Dusksong Aelalenne Goldenspear
Tysa Heartfate Deferous Embergazer
Deylis Grandcloud Lorlina Bronzefold
Velanrin Twinheart Kynara Sharpveil
Azine Wildmind Aelestra Nightlove
Dedra Grandray Emaena Leangaze
Zaralana Swiftkind Aurolaya Strongpower
Elenn Swiftrest Eraniel Moonbringer
Sharda Magefaith Kydori Brightvale
Amoenna Everburst Olileane Eveningdesire
Caylia Dawnray Alann Solarray
Kelniel Cindersorrow Lovia Nightcrown
Erilestra Hotfluke Erari Heartsky
Aunice Brassburst Zalania Wildspell
Sydrae Dawnshade Celyn Dusksign
Taldrin Blackgaze Olily Swiftbringer
Elyrin Boldsign Auriferous Peacebeam
Olinara Emberheart Aradori Morningtrail
Kinore Ancientmind Filenn Swiftpower

Good Nightborne Names

Zandori Mirthbell Zaevia Oddreaver
Derda Highdesire Zearea Ancientsprinter
Marthel Trueband Zaeferous Dewsorrow
Narinara Dawnblood Eneda Eveningswitch
Valna Dreaddream Belole Grimfluke
Beliah Ancientflow Kavia Brassgazer
Norine Paleburst Elania Mirthrest
Velalanne Leanshadow Hazia Azurefluke
Brasstrail Nalia Crimsonshine
Salrin Cindercloud Tarea Dualheart
Kealeli Flametruth Dedrae Cinderdown
Vedori Warmkind Novidra Keencrown
Lynalestra Violetwalker Beferous Leanshadow
Elilan Nimblewalker Kelirion Blackbinder
Bemaneda Leanspark Zaedana Flamevein
Azrea Flarestalker Sylana Velvetfall
Noviwae Flameray Novili Strongspark
Mellia Sunblossom Bemalatha Freefaith
Lirise Palepride Darla Flaresun
Kystra Swiftstrider Sinice Rightburn
Kalana Sparkforce Norea Rosedream
Dayle Grimveil Velanna Flamefaith
Garlania Moonpoem Kivia Goldsun
Esa Magewalker Kananiel Crimsonforge
Aelneda Dayfury Nalina Darkbringer

Nightborne Rogue Names

Nezmash Scarknifer Rahnax Wolfbrother
Mauhúr the Shrieker Warlord Skullblack
Rokthar Uglyroth Drak’thul Doomdogg
Zuulzhul Greenax Rahghar Doomhammer
Garrosh Slashfoot Cromrax the Poison
Zakrax the Howler Rexrosh Wildflesh
Rehgar Deadknifer Jorrogg the Poison
Zakrosh the Vicious Ner’zhul the Hyena
Gulmash the Whacked Maknax Greenhell
Drak’thul the Lion Vaklok Skullash
Rokaro the Poison Rokgrimm Skullgob
Gorgol Saurfang Zarrosh the Whacked
Draklok Fiercedoom Rahrax Bladefury
Jorin Blackplunder Orkrogg Wolfvenger
Nezgrel Doomhammer Ishi Redspark
Teron’gor the Hyena Marnax the Vicious
Drek’Thar Skullroth Grommash Earthfury
Renghar the Hyena Terthul Doomhammer
Grommash Earthfury Garm Wolfscream
Ishi Saurfang Gorgonna the Bloodcurdler
Zahthul the Wailer Rextar Blackhand
Car lok Tornreaver Cromush Zaela
Garad Uglygrunt Kazgrel Wolfaxe
Lug Hellscream Utok Fiercefiend
Kargath Cursedorc Tarthar Blackhand

Nightborne Elf Names

Bert Albinolion Don Whitetail
Octaf Greyroar Octaf Frosttrapper
Engelbert Shadestalker Cuthbert Darkstalker
Cyre Albinotrapper Euripides Grizzlehowl
Ernstasmus Shiningslasher Aderris Greybeard
Abednego Shadehowler Ernabur Grizzlebear
Ernabur Blackfighter Charnabus Swarthytail
Hepsiah Blackfighter Zorenius Bloodstalker
Samson Slinkwarrior Caleb Greyfighter
Obadiah Silverwolf Ulyforo Sleekclaw
Theodortemor Shadeclaw Worthing Bloodeye
Bergus Swarthyslasher Norburt Ebonyfury
Theodortemor Greyslasher Dovis Shadelion
Ulysses Slinklion Zoro Brindlehunter
Engel Darkstreak Zebert Brindlehowler
Zebedee Frostslasher Inkert Albinobeast
Othenial Grizzleslasher Uriah Albinotrapper
Dovis Swarthywarrior Zalmone Sleekwarrior
Raphrai Coalbeard Philandus Soottrapper
Winfiernarno Coalclaw Uriah Shadehunter
Oris Whitemoon Oziah Albinobeard
Pharasmus Darkhowler Ushilemon Ebonyslasher
Donell Coalshadow Horsham Bloodwarrior
Ushilemon Swarthyroar Zurishaddai Bloodslasher
Urbane Coalhowl Zebediah Bloodwarrior

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