If you’re not getting as many followers on Instagram as you’d like, there are some easy ways to get more likes. These tips include adding your profession or business type into your name, running a contest, participating in the community, creating a nice theme or style, and more.

Create a beautiful theme or style for your account

You can get more Instagram followers by creating a beautiful theme or style for your account. A great theme can make your profile look impressive to new visitors and will give your followers a reason to follow you.

It is important to consider your brand and style when you are creating a theme for your Instagram. Your theme should be cohesive with your brand and should tie together all of your content.

An important aspect of your theme should be a color palette. While many Instagram themes focus on one color, you can incorporate multiple colors into your theme. Having a variety of shades will help you draw in more followers.

Encourage comments and saves

If you are looking to improve your Instagram game you need to pay attention to engagement. You can’t just slap a few photos up on your feed and expect people to engage with you. But you can boost your numbers with a few savvy tips and tricks.

First, create a savable feed. There are numerous ways to do this, from cross posting automatically to manually posting your best shots. However, be sure to avoid a glut of repurposed content. For instance, if you have already created a post on the topic of your latest blog, don’t make it your next post.

It’s also a good idea to have an inbound marketing strategy in place. A solid strategy will include a regular check on your Instagram Insights and other analytics.

Run a contest

Running a contest on Instagram can help you get more followers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your content marketing. However, before you start a campaign, you need to decide on your objectives and measure the results. Failure to do so can result in wasted effort.

There are several types of contests you can run on Instagram. Some of them are UGC-based (user generated content). These are a win/win for you and your fans. In this type of contest, you ask people to upload photos that feature your products or services. You can also ask people to submit a caption about your product or service.

Avoid geotagging photos

Geotagging is an easy way to add geographic information to a photograph. It can help users find and share similar experiences. But it also comes with its own set of risks. For example, you can be tracked by house thieves, and a stalker may be able to pinpoint your home and activity. You should think about these things before you upload your photos.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms. Over 1 billion users visit it each month. However, many don’t take advantage of its geotagging feature.

Some people use geotagging to connect with local businesses. This allows followers to easily find and interact with a brand’s profile.

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