It is now well into 2020, and given the fact that the security breaches all around the world, it has become very important to have strong security for the website. For the website owners, one of the areas which is of top concern is to safeguard your website from becoming a victim of the cybercrime. And this is the reason why most of the web hosting companies are working on enhancing their security features. The question arises what to look for in a web host that provides security features.

There are several web hosts that provide different levels of security. These services may vary from the free web hosting sites providing lower level of security to the paid web hosting sites providing dedicated servers. As the thing goes there is nothing one size that fits all. You have seen what your requirements are and how much you can afford.

While choosing a web host, there are certain measures that you should take. You must be sure of its authenticity, how reliable its customer services are, and how steady it can work.

Let’s look at some of the top areas that you need to consider while choosing a web host for your website.

  1. Secure server capabilities

The first most important thing while choosing a web host trends is to make sure that the server it is providing is secure or not. Remember that an online website stores lots of sensitive information. So, having a secure server is the first thing you need.

Even if you know that there is no need of having a secure server, but if you are really going hard with the website, then you will be going to need it in the near future. So, do not start with today. By doing so, you will be saving lots of time in the future.

  1. Backup and restore system

Core security is surely important. But it is useful only when you have data that need security. Backup and restore features are the common features that all website owners need.

While maintaining a website, you need to be sure of one thing that all your data needs to be stored at one secure place. And even if the data are lost, you must have the resources to restore it. Backup and restore features help you with that.

While looking for the best web host for the backup and restore features, the things that you need to consider are:

  • Look for a web host that provides data backup automation.
  • Look into the instances the data are backup
  • Is the data retrieval?
  • What is is the retrieval process
  • Make sure that there are no hidden costs.
  1. Malware scanning

It is very important to have your file secure for your audiences. There are many web hosting sites that are providing antiviruses to scan out all the malware functions of your site. This feature is very important if you want your file to be secure from any kind of online threat. So, it is better to learn and understand everything related to the malware scanning.

Look for web hosts which not only highlight the problems but also provide a solution for that. To make sure, you can ask the web hosting sites to send you their privacy and policy terms regarding the infected files and folders.

  1. Manual reboots

There are times when the website owner works with an isolated account such as VPS hosting. These type accounts sometimes need to be refreshed to work properly. Hence, manual reboots can really help to refresh your site for improving its efficiency.

I will advise this feature, if you are going with a web host with a manual backup and restore features. Bost the features go well hand in hand. And are highly compatible with each other.

  1. Operating systems

While looking for a web hosting site, one thing you must look into is what kind of operating system the web hosting is providing its services. There are many web hosts that only provide its services to the Linux based operating system and there are others as well which only provide its services to the windows-based operating system. And each service holds its pros and cons.

Linux and windows based operating systems have their own way of doing things. You know that Linux based operating systems are less commercialized as compared to the windows-based operating system. Therefore, Windows based operating systems get more support from the web host.


Although, these are some of things that you need to know for the security features of web hosting. But when it comes down to personal use there are many other features as well that you need to look into. While choosing a web host you must make sure that the features you need and the features the web host has must synchronize.

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