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What are the Popular Apps for Smartwatches

At the moment, smartwatches are becoming one of the leading trends in society. The watches have evolved, and the wearables are doing a lot more than just showing notifications. These watches come along with in-built apps, but the third-party apps are responsible for the increasing popularity.

Now that these gadgets do more in tracking your fitness progress and helping you be organized, it’s time to get well acquainted with the apps that make your smartwatch so useful.

The article has compiled a list of the best Android wear apps that are a must-have for various watches. Go to for smartwatches reviews compatible with various apps.

Best Apps for Android Smartwatches

  1. Calm

The secret for any fertile mind is enough sleep and meditation. The primary role of this app is to make the user refreshed. The app offers daily meditation lessons to users. The app has similar features to Apple Watch’s “breathe” app.

If you have troubles when it comes to staying calm or sleeping, then you think of Calm.


  1. Parking

Sometimes you need to take things straightforward. Parking is an App that allows that user to record where he or she parked the car.

This helps when especially when you’re outside stores or supermarkets, you don’t spend a considerable chunk of time locating your car’s parking space. All you need to do is run the app and provide you the Google map that will direct your car’s location.


  1. Google Keep

Google keeps one of the popular Android Wear apps. This is because it helps the smartwatches to take notes. Another benefit of the app is that it can access messages from other devices.


  1. Accuweather

The app’s download comes in two halves; the analog-style watch with three faces customizable slots and the proper app. The appropriate app is the best alternative. Within the app, you are needed to mention the location in which you want the weather data. And on an hourly basis, the app will provide you the prescribed updates of the specified area.

In other words, the app will enable you to know the weather of your surrounding; hence you will not be caught offside.


Final Thoughts

It’s indisputable that the world is in a technological dispensation. Nothing is lagging, smartwatches included. To enhance the performance of your smartwatches, you should think about the direction of the app. There are lots of apps in the market today that can make your watch so effective. The article has provided you with some of them, do more research.

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