If you have ever seen the movie Back to the Future, you will know the big dreams we as humanity had back in that time. According to the movie, we have flying cars, time travel, and so much more. But what are our big dreams now for the future ahead of us? We might have slightly given up on the thought of flying cars, though we still have dreams of a fantastic time ahead. Today, we do have many inventions and gadgets people in the past could only dream of, so it is possible that our dreams for the future could be closer than we think. Here are some things that we are looking forward to for our future.

Fully Implemented Internet Protocol Version 6

After the internet protocol version 4 started to diminish, engineers decades ago worked on the next in line of internet protocols, version 6. IPv6 has already started being used quite a while ago, however, it has not fully replaced IPv4 yet because it is not compatible with most of our devices like IPv4 is. Thanks to the technology we have now, there is a way to use IPv6 with the help of IPv4, but that isn’t solving the main problem which is the depletion of IPv4. Until IPv6 is fully implemented and replaced IPv4 completely, the problem will be solved for decades. This could definitely be something to look forward to in our future, hopefully, sooner than later. And once that happens, people will sell IPv4 addresses at a cheap price.

Artificial Intelligence Androids Will Be Common

If you have not heard of Sophia, she is a humanoid AI robot. She can speak, hold a conversation, and have facial expressions. As eerie as it is, that is the future we are heading to. AI humanoid robots will most definitely be a common thing to see around us at some point. They might replace humans in certain dangerous jobs, they can be sold as AI assistants, and a lot more.

Nuclear Fusion Will Be Perfected

This one is a big hope for everyone who cares about climate change and where our planet is heading. Recently, a major breakthrough regarding nuclear fusion has been made. Many physicists have been tirelessly working towards recreating nuclear fusion so we can all have clean energy out of the tiniest spark. At some point in the future, this recent major breakthrough will lead to an even bigger breakthrough, and so on, until we finally have a perfect recreation of nuclear fusion to better our planet.