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What is Autumn equinox? What is the date of Autumn equinox?

1. What is Autumn equinox?

Autumn equinox is one of the four important gases in the 24 gas secretions . The first day of autumn equinox is listed in the book general natural geography or general geography because it has very special features.

Weather autumnal equinox is understood to mean ” distribution” means division , boundaries, two points are equal, the two objects balance (ie the bisector is the line dividing an angle into two equal angles), ” receiver “Means autumn . To fully understand, specifically, Autumn equinox is the time between autumn. This time interval is one of two 24 solar periods every year.

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, Autumn equinox is the weather that begins in the middle of autumn.

According to the point of view of Western science, autumn equinox is the starting point of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the time when the Sun is closest to the equator, beginning to go south.

2. What is the date of Autumn equinox?

In terms of time, manure collection starts from September 22 to September 24 . As a matter of convention, the season starts from September 23 or 24 and ends on October 8. 

3. What’s so special about Autumn equinox?

In Western astronomical terms, that moment is related to the position of the planet in orbit around the Sun. It is when the solar longitude is 180 degrees.

At 12 o’clock On the first day of the autumn equinox, the Sun creates a tangent of the equator at an angle of 90 degrees.

In fact, the Earth is moving in orbit around the Sun. At this point, there is no half of the bridge tilting towards the Sun, so the amount of temperature, light and illumination time in the two halves is equivalent.

The time of Autumn equinox due to the shift to the South of the Sun, the Northern half of the bridge continues to decrease the temperature, light, water vapor and the accumulated Earth’s temperature tends to spread out to balance. to the environment. During this period, due to a sharp decrease in natural factors, plants of poor photosynthesis, the life of all species turned to a latent state, waiting for new opportunities.

There is no difference in daytime and night time as in previous periods. In the Northern half of the bridge, which is the time of autumn and half, the Southern half is mid-spring.

At Autumn equinox, observers will see “correct” sunrise in the east and “correct” setting in the west. It can be said that the autumn equinox is the time when before and after about 3 months the Sun tends to rise and slowly inch south each day.

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