Oh, so you didn’t inherit a million bucks from your great-aunt Mrs. Moneybags? Well, it looks like you’ll have to become wealthy using your other heaven-sent gifts.

Don’t feel bad though. Almost none of the new millionaires being created each year inherit their wealth, so you can do it too! To be honest, many rich people didn’t do anything remarkable to gain their fortunes. They simply created wealth-building habits that they use daily, without fail. Below is a list of things I wish I knew as a child regarding wealth.

How You Too Can Join the Millionaire’s Club:

1. Learn to love risk. Many self-made millionaires don’t have a job in the traditional sense of the word. They have learned to thrive in conditions of uncertainty that scare the shirt off of your typical 9 to 5ers. Learn to see the good side of risk.

2. Pay your bills. You are your biggest bill. Try your hardest to set up an automated way to extract 10% of your earnings into a savings account before you can ever touch it for daily living expenses. If you use a tool like mint.com you can learn how to do this automatically and reduce your stress.

Did You Know That!

· Millionaires typically save greater than 20% of their overall earnings each month?

· Minimizing spending can allow anyone at any income level to eventually become wealthy? So…

3. Live way under your earnings. The truly wealthy people are not conspicuous consumers. They might do surprising things like buy used cars and skip buying the latest or hottest brands. They usually have smaller homes than you would expect as well.

4. Be your own boss. Approximately, most millionaires are self-employed. Even if you have a day job, you must think in terms of creating value for as many people as possible, including customers, employees, and vendors. Start a side-hustle that can bring you extra money to save that can also be your ticket out of the rat race.

5. Cozy up to other millionaires. If you want to absorb a true wealth mentality, you should hang out with rich people. It really helps to see the world through their eyes. And if something you’re new found friends are saying or doing with respect to wealth makes you a bit uncomfortable, perhaps you should examine your preconceptions.

6. Avoid debt that cannot pay for itself. Millionaires avoid bad debt unlike most consumers. However, they will glad take on debt to buy things that will pay for the debt. So they tend to pay cash for a used car, but take out a loan on an apartment building. Logical, huh?

7. Set written goals and put them in a public place. Just the act of writing something down usually creates the activity that gets it done. Thinking or wishing alone cannot do this. Putting it in a public place seems to really light a fire under people to get stuff done. It’s just part of our social nature.

8. Find a successful person to mentor you. Try to find a person you can relate to who will give you coaching advice from time to time. Please be respectful of their time though.

9. Examine all time sucks in your life. We all have 14400 seconds to manage each day. Are there sections of your day that are clearly available for you to meet your new financial goals?

10. Keep an abundance journal. However, don’t only write down things you want. Really focus more on things you do that seem counter-productive to creating wealth. You would be astounded at the things we all do each day that secretly sabotage our future fortunes. Writing them down will effortlessly communicate to your subconscious that these things are no longer ok to do.

So there you have it. This list isn’t so bad, right? The biggest thing to take away is that you must examine your own secret internal programming that for most people sets their wealth thermostat to “barely making it”, and turn that puppy up to “serious flippin wealth”!