Electronic gadgets are essential in the office or workspace. In this century, having necessary gadgets make work easy.

In my interview with officials of RTC Electronics, an online store for electronics, computer peripherals, and smartphone accessories, on electronic devices entrepreneurs use. I realized that some electronics are much needed for entrepreneurs than another. Here are the gadgets we talked about:

#1. Internet TV

Internet Television is becoming the most sought after. In your office, you need one also. With these gadgets, you have access to online TV from different platforms. Although there are many Internet TV devices, not all of them are advisable for use. Below are some:

  • Wii

Wii is a different game device in that It has access to the web which you can watch internet TV using the big screen. Wii as access to Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and other TV channels.

  • ROKU

Roku is an excellent streaming device used previously for watching Netflix. You can watch many useful internet channels on Roku. With it, you have access to thousands of thousands of favorite channels.

  • Apple TV

Apple TV is a beautiful and newest TV gadget people use these days. Through the device, you can watch, buy or rent movies from Youtube, iTunes store, among other streaming sites.

  • Logitech Revue

Logitech Revue has access to Google TV, contains webcam which you can use to make video calls, with web access for browsing the net.

  • Others

You can also use Google Chromecast, Xbox 360, NVIDIA Shield, TiVo, and others.

#2. Internet Router

Every office needs internet routers for internet connectivity. The router is a small electronic device connects many computer networks using wireless or wired connectivity.

#3. Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headset makes the office cool when no device is making noise in the office especially in the case of an open one. Through Bluetooth Headset, you can listen to music or video you play from any device, be it laptop and mobile phone.

It is a norm that some people listen to music, stream online, but with a Bluetooth headset, they can listen to it without others being disturbed.

#4. Lava Lamp

No big deal about lava lamp, technology has not gone beyond having a lava lamp on your worktable. This time you can find Lava lamp connected to your computer’s USB port.

#5. Projector

You need a projector in your office. You can use it during lecture series, sensitization, training, and retraining of staffs. Technology has made projector a necessity. Now you can get the pocket size and pico projectors at a low price in the store.