Talking about 3D virtual reality, Districts is a moderniser in that arena owing to many advantages it is bringing to the development of Virtual Reality. Districts is a 3D virtual reality platform having its blockchain strengthened by 3D Coin. Through the platform, anyone can design 3D virtual reality world using provided tools on the platform, without any hindrance.

How To Go About Designing

District comes with a separate but easy to decipher Studio. The tool, Districts Visual Studio (DVS), allows for easy programming of 3D Virtual Reality World, and gives room for all and sundry to designed imagined worlds based on personal perception. Through the platform, users can use DVS to design Dapp (Decentral autonomous programs). However, the 3D world can be felt using computer or any Virtual Reality Devices available i.e. Oculus or Unreal Engine.

A World Full Of Imagination

Districts is an avenue to bring us together in a single but continuous city, designed to give room for thinkers to bring their imaginations afore using optimised high quality graphics.

The platform gives room for dreams to be designed using latest blockchain avenue alongside decentralized application within. Imagine a soul immersed in a living world containing cars, houses, shops, playfields, or any imaginable activity emerging from deep thought and unthinkable ideas from geniuses. All these give users imaginations enmeshed in reality.

However, while designing using Districts platform, service can still be provided outside the Districts, thus giving a maximal exposure for the lowest cost to businesses.

Areas Where Districts Services Are Germaine.

Talking about Virtual Reality, especially the kind provided by Districts, one can boldly say it has come to revolutionalise technology. While thinking of how, here are areas Districts platform will be useful:

Redefined Marketing:

Districts has come to redesign marketing using top-notch principles marketers might have been taking with levity. For business, the immersion brought by virtual reality enhances every possible interaction: real estate developers, car, view and experiment a car in varying environments, or even clothing dealerships.

They will all be get the opportunity of presenting their products and their possible customizations in a realistic lively manner. These are shown in the city space or even in instances accessible from street or small stores. Customer acquisition will be simpler and cheaper due to the constantly available and renewed circulation incentives, which are induced to them by the presence of interesting activities in every corner of Districts.

Online Education Like Never Before:

Learning online is drastically reducing considering the high dropping out rates. Research says less than five percent of enrolled students finish the curriculums. This is levelled on the fact that the usual methods employed fall short of maintaining students’ motivation on the subject. Due to this, they get bored and become disengaged. The solution to this problem is virtual classes.

Through virtual classes, it is possible for students to participate in physics classes and design or see how rocket start in a virtual reality provided by Districts, or a coding class giving each student the opportunity to code his own personalized robot and see him getting more and more lively as the coding skills of the learner grow.

Learning through the special package virtual reality class is definitely awesome and is going to put a stop to boring classes with epic sceneries and with interactive setups to teach students.

Imagined Architectural Design Becoming Reality:

Architects can bank on Districts using the DVS tools to build a house on their imagination. Using the platform, they could showcase their talents and skills, thereby informing those who fancy professional work to bank on them. On Districts, architects can design houses, furnish and coloured to depict the real life view of the building. When customers are able to visit your virtual building (house or motel room), checking what it contains and how it is modelled without leaving their homes, they can easily get conviction about your design. On this platform, architect’s effort is rewarded without them been taxed. All revenues will go fully to their rightful owners.

Optimum Health Care

Mentally derailed people suffer from absence of good care, through Districts, mental health can greatly benefit from VR due to the feeling of the presence of a caring person, which has an effect on their heath. Using VR, they can get access to Virtual anonymous gatherings for psychological support, one on one therapy, personalized phobia treatment with customized environment helping patient to gradually confront their fears.

Private Housing:

Districts offers to users the possibility to create a personal customizable space that could have many purposes such as friend gathering spot, watch to movie together, play arcade or card games, it could even be a display gallery.

How Districts Does It:

Districts uses Decentralization as a primary element. On this platform, there is no central authority i.e. all content control is in the hands of the community, through a voting system, all data, except user specific data, will be stored in the 3DCoin blockchain which doesn’t only serve for the crypto-currency.

3DCoin is the new cryptocurrency that we have developed; the protocol was created using Bitcoin and Dash source code as a basis to inherit their safety and power, with implementations making it fully compatible with Districts, besides new features.

The 3DCoin system enables the use of many public-key cryptography methods (NIST 5 hashing algorithms), improving safety, and allowing the use of pre-existing keys from other crypto-currencies, or any other system, for example, if you use a PGP key for your emails, you will also be able to use it to receive 3DCoins.