A visa application can be stressful at times when you do not know the right requirements needed. Besides, visa processing requirements are changing, so it is essential to stay updated to understand the exact requirements needed and if you are eligible to apply for a  TSS visa. It is used by employers to hire overseas workers for skill shortage in the country. 

The TSS visa stands for a temporary skill shortage visa, which helps employers fill the gaps in their employees’ employees and skills needed in their companies. It has short-term and medium-term visa applications that you can choose from depending on the work requirement. 


The requirements are an essential key to have a successful TSS visa. You should check the requirements carefully, and these can vary depending on the occupation the employer will sponsor. The main requirements are an English test if you are not from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and the USA. 

Second are skills and qualifications, which means that you need to have at least two years of full-time work experience in the last five years. The third is a medical examination and health insurance. Lastly, character and police check from your country to ensure that you do not have any criminal records. 


The validity of the TSS visa depends on the stream of work and how long your employer is willing to sponsor the visa. If you are in the STSOL, you can renew your visa once and one more time if you are in another country. 

Keep in mind that you should meet the Department of Home Affairs’ needs to avoid future frustrations. Besides, if you are on ROL or MLTSSL, this allows you to renew a visa many times. Hence, it would be best to have an employer who will sponsor your visa and occupation to prevent any problems. 


There are three stages that the TSS visa application process has. First is the standard business sponsorship that needs to be approved by the Department of Home Affairs. Second is the nomination for the specific job that you will do with supporting evidence for your sponsorship. The third is the visa application that is part of your responsibility. You need to submit all the required documents and wait for your visa.


The application for a TSS visa can be costly. That is why you should get the visa on your first application. Understanding the expenses that you need to pay is essential to prepare a budget, and you will not get overwhelmed. 

The costs that you need to pay are the government fees, use of a professional migration agent, accommodation, travel costs, insurance, document translation in English, and police clearance certification. These are only the main things, and there are other additional costs that your employer or embassy will require if needed.

The cost paid by the employer

There is a temporary skilled migration income threshold that needs to be shouldered by your employer. It is about AUD 53,900, which means that you cannot earn below this salary. The employer must also pay you the same wage that the citizens receive in doing the same work. There is also what is called superannuation that is shouldered by the employer. It is the money related to your pension when you want to retire. It is 9.5% of your salary paid by the employer.

It is vital to know the visa you need, the process, and the requirements required to claim your visa successfully. Familiarising yourself with the requirements and procedures will save you money and time in the future. Therefore, you should also know the travel safety tips before you move or work in another country.