Business owners are constantly faced with the task of supporting highly motivated employees. Indeed, in a situation where the employee is motivated, and you are interested in maintaining motivation, each side comes out the winner. Think of these efforts on your part as important investments, not as routine work or burdensome responsibilities.

Here are five tips to keep your employees willing to work with a high degree of productivity…

1. Open communication lines

You cannot motivate employees if you do not know what they like and what they strive for. To find out, you need to establish communication in which both parties feel comfortable, liberated and protected. You will be surprised, but for some employee’s variancetv, it is very important to be heard, and you do not need to think that they want to share dreams or troubles with you.

Having established feedback channels, you can get a lot of valuable ideas, tips and opinions on a variety of issues: the life of the office, organizing meetings with clients and partners, the conditions for concluding deals or new solutions to problems in working on a specific project. You will never be up to date with new ideas, sitting at the door of your account. Sometimes you need to go out to people, making it clear in advance that any statement will be heard without unpleasant consequences for the interlocutor.

2. Show everything with a personal example

Do you want employees to work hard and hard? You must do the same. In a company where the owner knows what hard work is, employees tend to keep up with their manager. This does not mean that you should drown the gas pedal and demand more and more from employees, not giving time to rest. The most important thing is to work out the right rhythm, in which people work productively, but do not burn out and go to work with pleasure.

3. Praise and encourage

People should know that their work does not go unnoticed. Sometimes a simple verbal encouragement is enough: “Great job!” – And a person is already ready for new achievements. Everyone wants recognition. If you think that people receive sufficient material encouragement, which rejects the need for public praise or an enduring pat on the shoulder, then you are very mistaken. Find some of these pleasant ways to express attention, admiration, or appreciation, and feel free to use them. Ultimately, it is completely free and completely inexpensive in terms of physical effort.

4. Provide incentives

Do you have a bonus system when employees achieve specific goals? What about small rewards when they bring in new customers? Create an incentive strategy that will motivate staff to work day after day. Small salary bonuses – and now you already have an employee who works not just for a guaranteed salary, but also for a modest (or very substantial – how it works) increase in the main payment. These small amounts are a virtually win-win investment in the growth and development of your business.

5. Develop key topics

Sometimes even very good employees need a point to focus their efforts. This point is a kind of landmark that helps them find the answer to questions in the moments of doubt that everyone has. Am I doing my job well? Am I doing everything right?

What does it look like in practice? Approve the key topic of the year, which all departments of the company will focus on in their work. For example, a service. Each employee, department, division, the whole company directs its every action to achieve the course goal – to improve the quality of customer service. Next year, the topic may be innovation – with what new ways you can make the business process more efficient.

There are plenty of such topics, you just need to think and apply them to your type of business. There is only one ultimate goal – to create an anchor, a guideline, instamp3 directing your employees to fulfill daily duties and search for new means to achieve a specific goal.