For a lot of businesses, sharing files between different teams is essential for having a convenient, straightforward way to gain access to information quickly. In reality, most of the employees in companies that are still hesitant to adopt cloud-based file-sharing programs are incentivized to use their personal applications for work. But this practice might pose a risk for your business since most consumer-facing services aren’t as secured as their enterprise counterparts.

So, having a secure confidential file sharing service is very important for your business. Luckily, there’s a rising popularity of the use of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and the simplification of IT services. Your employees would not have to be trained rigorously to know how to use and access these file-sharing apps.

Tips for Making File Sharing More Secure

To avoid dealing with security issues that commonly plague consumer-grade cloud file-sharing services, you need to find one that’s designed for business. So, here are six tips that can help you keep your business information protected.

1.   Be Proactive

There is a lot of file sharing that happens at work. Instead of putting data protection at the backburner, you can change this by looking for a service that fits your needs. You should choose one that allows your staff to send and receive files through email. Also, don’t settle for workaround solutions.

2.   Pick an Enterprise-Grade Solution

As mentioned earlier, consumer-grade applications can expose you to data leaks and other unknown security risks. These solutions could also make statements of compliance or e-discovery a bit more complicated. So, you need to find an enterprise-grade encrypted file sharing service to give you the proper visibility and security tools such as expiring file access.

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3.   Opt for an Encrypted File Sharing Tool That Uses the Cloud

Since you want to use a service that you can install and operate quickly in your business, going for the cloud is critical. Business-grade cloud programs could give you the shortest time for implementation and robust service.

4.   Choose Between Integrated Systems and Separate-Point Solutions

It’s easy to be tempted to find specifically designed solutions for every aspect of your business operations. But you need to look at the bigger picture and consider a more integrated solution that incorporates essential features, like email security.

5.   Train and Educate Your Team


Your employees need to know about the complexities of the different levels of information shared between themselves and the risks that come with mishandling them. So, your team should recognise that they cannot share confidential information related to your business with people outside of your organisation. Investing in an encrypted file hosting service is worthless if your employees don’t know the risks and don’t know how to use it.

6.   Prioritise Ease of Use

Your employees should be well-versed in using intuitive and straightforward consumer-grade solutions. So, you should try to find a confidential file sharing solution that can help your employees achieve this level and make your processes a lot easier. This is important if you want to ensure that your staff will continue to use it while protecting your business’s information.


Although it’s not a requirement, using confidential file sharing services will ensure that your information will remain secure. So, you must find one that fits your needs but is still designed to cater to ordinary users.

You should also ensure that your employees know about the importance of keeping business information secure and why using your chosen cloud-based file sharing service is essential.

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