I often say you need relaxation and not load yourself with excess work. Working for a year without just a month vacation is out of it, even if you are the CEO of a startup. Your company will grow if you are in a state of good health and not when you are bed ridden.

After working tirelessly, you need some times off work. Hang around your family in a place –maybe outside your country or in fresh and siren places.

If you intend going on vacation this year, here are places you can visit.

Panama Canal, Panama

Panama Canal is said to be the largest engineering project of its time, and the project was envisaged in the 16th century. The idea’s centenary was celebrated on August 15. Panama was built by Americans to ink Pacific to Atlantic ocean, serving as an important shortcut for ships for vessels touring Califonia and New York.

During the construction, around 25,000 workers lost their souls due to tropical diseases, heavy rainfall, humid temperature, accidents, hot weather among other things.

Today around 13,000 and 14,000 ships make use of Panama yearly increasing the economy of the country.

Although it is a 50-mile-long passage, Panama canalis designed with a lock technic to lift ships 85 feets above the level. Today, both tourists and shippers enjoy the beautiful environment Panama Canal possesses and it remains a decent place for vacation due to its long historical foundations.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

In the south of Africa lies Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in Tanzania, with many huts along the lane that leads to the mountain, Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain the whole of Africa. The environment receives many tourists yearly especially those who are on vacation.

Around the mountain are people who are always ready to help. The mountain has decent hotels and good transportation for visitors around it.

On Mount Kilimanjaro, you need no special mountaineering gear or ropes, and it is as simple as you not needing any mountain climbing knowledge.

Young and old visit the place, as of 2011, the most aged person to have climbed the mountain was 83, while the youngest was six years. Kilimanjaro houses many tourists during vacations, among them are people who enjoy visiting Africa.


Choosing Cornwall for your vacation, you have made the right decision in obtaining the maximum piece of homey service during your trip. To appreciate UK’s beautiful and tremendous atmosphere during tourism, Cornwall is one the best place you can stay.

Cornwall, which is accompanied by elegant characteristics such as its pleasant and conducive environment, warm sun, which the highest in Great Britain, a beautiful surrounding with colorful flowers, which creates an ecologically balanced environment, and an incredible long walkway along the beach for strolling influence the choice of tourists in choosing a cottage.

There are some basic things about Cornwall, which a tourist might not be familiar with, and one needs to get it rammed into his/her brain.

Tech Communities

So many tech communities exist today. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigerian tech community in Yaba, Lagos. In Silicon Valley, the tech community is beyond developing. If you visit, you have access to a large number of incubators and funders.

Among other tech start-ups communities you can visit are Austin, Texas, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Boulder, Colorado, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dallas, Texas among others.

During vacations, enjoy yourself and make sure you add to your capacity by visiting places that can be beneficial to you.