Being a car owner can give you a sense of freedom that only a teenager can understand. You can go to your favorite places without depending on anyone else. However, when it is your first car, you might want to keep it well-maintained and last it longer till you are capable of buying a better one for yourself. 

Car maintenance requires knowledge about the automobile, at least some basics so that you know what is troubling your car. Here are some helpful tips that can provide you assistance in maintaining your first car. 

1. Keep An Eye On The Engine 

The engine of your car is the most important component. Make sure that you are maintaining engine health. You should make sure that the engine oil is not leaking. If you have parked your car at a place for some time and when you remove it from that place and see a pool of oil on the floor below, or there are stains of oil then you should know that your engine is leaking oil. 

Get the leakage fixed instantly. You should also keep the engine oil and other lubricants at desired levels. Check your car’s manual to see the limit. 

2. Repair Damages Instantly 

If your car hits the pavement, or you see certain damage to the body of your car or its engine, then you should consider taking your car to an auto repair shop instantly. 

Never delay the damage to your car for long as it might make things worse. When you get your car fixed on time, you can avoid expensive bills. 

3. Keep Tires In Good Shape 

You should know the adequate level of air pressure that your car’s tires should have. A flattened tire can put pressure on the engine, thus reducing its efficiency. Too much air pressure can also be harmful. Therefore, you should know the right limit. 

Secondly, you should also keep checking them from time to time to make sure that they are not punctured. Replace them when they start to wear out. 

4. Pressure Wash Your Car Once A Month 

Keep your car clean and tidy to maintain it in good shape. Dirt, dust, grime, and lubricant stains can damage the body of your car. If you keep mud and dirt accumulated on your car’s body for a longer duration, it will start to rust from the spot. 

Take your car to the station for pressure washing, at least once a month. This will keep your car in good shape. 

5. Fuel Up On The Best Fuel Only 

The fuel you are putting in your car will also affect the efficiency of the automobile. Therefore, make sure that you are considering the quality of fuel you are putting in your car. 

Whether you have a diesel engine or your car requires petrol, make sure that you find the best fuel for your car. 

Final Words 

Maintaining your first car in good shape will motivate you to buy a better one for yourself. First cars are special and if you follow a proper maintenance schedule, you can keep yours for a long time.