Cryptocurrency is booming right now. More and more people are becoming aware of the vast benefits of blockchain technology. Bitcoins value shattered all time highs as the frenzy around cryptocurrency becomes more and more mainstream. As this emerging market continues its rapid growth, one company aims to be the platform that grows with it. is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to become the new “one stop shop” for everything cryptocurrency related.

What exactly does it do?

CLOUT aims to be the new home page for all cryptocurrency investors. The platform will be a user generated content platform, where the community will actively work together in order to filter for the best content on the platform.CLOUT will be the place where the crytpo community comes together in order to grow. The platform will feature a section for news & media articles, ICO analysis and updates and even now for the first time, members of the crypto community will be able to be recognized for their positive contributions to the community on the “Who’s Who” section. The CLOUT Network will be the fist platform actually dedicated to cryptocurrency, built by the community for the community.

The Community

Not only this, CLOUT is a community in its own. Up until this point, the crypto community has been very segmented in coin-specific Slacks and Facebook groups. CLOUTs greater message is its message of community. The team represents 13 countries internationally and has brought together some of the best from all segments of the crypto space such as CLOUT Founder/President Sean Kirtz, CLOUT CEO David Cohen of IOTA and Ryan Fugger of Ripple. The message of community runs deeper than just the platform with CLOUT; the team speaks volumes to this sentiment. The CLOUT community will grow with the crypto community and vice versa.


Talking with Dean James, Co-founder & COO of CLOUT, we got to hear about the process by which the most basic concepts of CLOUT were founded. (James holds his degree in Supply Chains & Information Systems as well as a Business Law Degree from The Pennsylvania State University.) For the first time, all of the information and content pertaining to crypto and blockchain will be in one place.

“We want to make it the homepage for cryptocurrency” says James.

On talking about the inception of CLOUT, James said that the driving force behind the idea of CLOUT was how time consuming it became to gather information to make the best decisions when trading crypto.

“I was getting tired of scrolling through 7 different websites and 4 different subcategories to find good information, daily.” says James. I want CLOUT to be a place where every crypto enthusiast has bookmarked on their browser. One place where you can find all of the information you need.

Scams are another prevailing issue in the community that helped shape CLOUT.

“The fear of making an unsafe investment or being scammed is a massive problem. And it shouldn’t be.” Says James. Scams plague all crypto investors, not just the rookies. Coming up with a concept where every user of the platform would be financially incentivized to filter for content was a major objective.

“Take this scenario: Say you are scrolling Facebook and you happen upon a post (in any number of the “Crypto Investment” Groups) which you happen to be lucky enough to know is a scam.”

“The most you will do is scroll right past it.” Says James, “On CLOUT, you will be rewarded for down-voting the post. You will profit for your knowledge and for your actions to actively filter the community.”

The CLOUT platform, which will be releasing its Beta prior to the ICO, will give users a taste of the look, feel and functionality of the platform before its main launch in March.


There are 100 million CLOUT tokens total and 10 million will be available to the public during CLOUTs Crowdfunding. To read the White paper and to learn more about CLOUT visit the website at and like the Facebook page CLOUT Network. Media Decentralized.