BitMex is an abbreviation of the English “Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange”. It is a bitcoin trading platform, specifically, one of the largest at this time.

The star product of the platform are the cryptocurrency derivatives.  Its daily transaction volume exceeds 35,000 bitcoins and supports more than 540,000 monthly accesses and a transaction history of more than $ 34 billion of Bitcoin since its inception.

In Bitmex, investors can interact with financial markets using bitcoin. Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, carding, ethereum, litecoin, train, ripple, are some of the cryptocurrencies that it offers us.

It is important to understand that in this platform we do not directly trade with our cryptocurrencies, but with the value they represent through future contracts.


Bitmex is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with more services worldwide. It offers many types of order, we will try to explain the most important ones.

Its services and features distinguish it from most of the most common and used cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, among others. Mainly because BitMex allows to operate to the downside, also known in terms like: Short, Put, And Short. What really is great is that it allows investors to earn even in the worst moments of cryptocurrencies.

With this, investors can make an analysis of one of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform, such as bitcoin or ethereum. Understand where the price of the cryptocurrency will move and risk according to what we create. For example, if we believe that the price of the cryptocurrency that we have studied will fall and we place a sale operation looking for lower levels. And the opposite if we believe that the value will increase.

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Another feature in which BitMex differs from most exchanges is that it hardly accepts deposits with bitcoin. And only when the deposit has been made can the bitcoins be exchanged for a long list of other cryptocurrencies if that is what we want. BitMEX specializes in sophisticated financial operations such as margin trading, which is negotiated with leverage. BitMex is currently not regulated in any jurisdiction, which also differentiates it from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

BitMex also differs in that it allows leverage, that is, whatever your available balance is for trading, you can increase your purchasing power by using leverage. Later we will explain how. The platform itself lends us the balance to carry out the trading in the case we need it.

Thanks to this platform, panic has passed to hope. And now they wonder: Who has won in 2018 holders or those who were interested in learning to use BitMEX and how to make Short in a low leverage? Think about it:


As usual investing carries its risks and more when it is done without having a sense of what is being invested. Using the platform can be very risky if you do not know how to use it. However, it is incredibly effective if it knows how to use it and is used to turn bear markets into a profitable trading opportunity .

In January 2018 we saw the highest point of the cryptocurrency market. Exactly on January 8 reached 828 billion, however, a few months later this figure became 243 billion, 70% lower. Then we found 3 main reactions for what was happening:

Those who decided to make HOLD, a decision that took a large part of the investors, saw the value of their assets fall to the ground at a dizzying speed. And, because most of the investors have a lower performance than the market, they lost more than 70%.

Those who sold their cryptographic assets in January in exchange for USD. In this way they kept the value of their wallet in USD and later they have been able to acquire cryptocurrencies again, this time at a lower price.

Those who sold their wallets in US dollars and cryptocurrencies in SHORT as of January 8.

For this last point there have been several opportunities for short and long term and low leverage . The first fall of Bitcoin from its peak on December 17, 2017 with a value of $ 19,864 to $ 6,139 on February 6. Again, after the rebound of Dead Cat in which the value of bitcoin had reached 11,655 on February 21, 2018, it went to 6,734 on April 1, 2018. Shortly after, on May 5, its price increased again reaching 9,942.66 dollars giving rise to a new opportunity when its value fell back to 5,906.93 on June 29. And other occasions later.