A few years ago, premium custom mailer boxes and social media were nothing more than an odd matchmaking session. But over the course, online retailers have realized there is a good reason why exquisitely packaged products make inroads across social platforms without any hassle. The duo perfectly complements one other.

There was a time when the only soul that would see your mailer packaging was the end-user. So it was fair to assume that premium packages have a low ROI. But social networks have completely changed the game. Instead of an individual, today, your custom mailer box packaging is being enjoyed by millions of people — if you have played your cards right!

If you shift your focus to nurturing a brand image that consumers would love to share, you have a wonderful recipe for gaining success in the long-run. And when you can encourage your customers to discuss your brand with others, you’ll see that these conversations prove more fruitful than paid advertisements. As a matter of fact, these conversations are more authentic, unlike forced ads.   

So, the better you present your products, the more likely it is that your customers would want to share it. In fact, the research shows that two-thirds of the consumers would share their online purchases if it arrives in a premium box. Harnessing these conversations will give you the virtual goldmine of user-created content, which you can share through your social platforms and amplify your reach way beyond the initial customer base.

Turn Customers into Influencers

Today, you can find the potential audience for just about any product. Whether it’s an electronic device, smartphone, tablet, or a consumable product that has just arrived, your customers can share their experiences regarding these products in an instant.  

This means that on some level, all your customers can work as influencers. But you need to treat them the way you interact with them. It can significantly boost customer loyalty. Here your custom mailer boxes can play a pivotal role. How? Quality packaging reflects how much your brand values its customers because customer experience is just as important as the product. 

When your customers share the experience with their social community, it sticks to the minds of the audience and sways them to buy from your online store. Remember, being memorable makes your product and brand worth sharing!

Boost Your Organic Reach

Popular belief suggests that if you want to spread the word about your online business, you need to put the word out in as many places as possible. This doesn’t mean one should prefer the quantity of advertisement over quality because it’s a classic misstep that many entrepreneurs fail to cognize.

Let’s be frank, people hate when advertisement clogs up their feeds. It irksome and bars customers from viewing their favorite content. Research, too, suggests that 91 percent of the people find online ads more intrusive than they were 2-3 years ago. 

But it doesn’t project that conventional ads on social platforms have no returns. Rather, they simply don’t prove as useful as organic marketing because it’s tough to target the right people.

Today, social media is playing a dominant role in how customers are discovering new brands, usually because they are already following a brand. For this reason, more and more online merchants are acquiring the services of professional printing and packaging companies, such as the Legacy Printing to have beautifully designed custom mailer boxes that can motivate customers to share their videos and pictures on social websites and boost your branding efforts.