Social networks are always evolving; an evolution that informs you from which are the sites that mark trend within your industry to what are the last functions of Facebook and who the influencers in Instagram is. Also, every time you open your laptop you realize that there are new social notifications. With so much new information, how can today’s marketers be up to date?

The secret is to take advantage of the change, since; after all, it is the rapid advances and the continuous flow of innovations that have given to the digital vendors a varied range of elements with which to work from the beginning. For this reason, the campaigns you use in social networks during this time will not be the same as the ones you used last year, or at least they should not be the same if you want to generate more leads and have the possibility to beat your competitors.

If you want to make an impact with the efforts you make in social networks, it is time for you to update your strategy. There is a social media expert and leader Randal Lee ; he told us everything we need to know to be a social media expert.

Customize your use of large and small (niche) social networks

Facebook is still number 1 and that will not change during 2017. Moreover, this social network itself is a world of its own in which you must keep up to date. To give an example, only this year it is expected that Facebook Live will be monetized and that the “CTAs” will be updated for the pages of local companies.

At present, the 5 most important social networks in terms of reach and impact are:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Pinterest

5. Tumblr

Even though these networks are important, specialized social networks can also be a great contribution to many companies. For example, DeviantArt, which has 26 M subscribers, is focused on illustrators, designers and other artists, as well as art lovers. While it is true, this site is not useful for insurance brokers, but could be incredibly useful for a school of photography. Other examples, eToro, for professionals in the area of ​​finance; Wayn, for travel and tourism; 43 Things, for health and wellness brands; and thus a long list that adds and continues, as more and more networks are created that over time are gaining active users.

During this year, instead of trying to show your brand in each of the major social networks and waste your resources, create a strategy that suits your industry and your company.

It starts with the biggest one: with 2B active users per month, Facebook is a wise decision.

What’s next? Choose one or two main social networks. Visual industries such as apparel and clothing, food and travel are ideal for sites like Pinterest and Instagram, while service-oriented industries can earn more leads through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally, consider a specialized social network. Many of these networks have several million active users and can offer you a unique way to reach the desired leads and get people to know your brand by positioning it as you want it.

Throughout 2016, the use of videos in social networks increased, but the impact of these was even greater. A recent survey by Wyzowl showed that 84% of consumers had been convinced to make a purchase after seeing the video of a brand and 91% reported seeing a video to learn about a product or service in which were interested. Now, it considers that, at present, only 63% of the companies take advantage of the use of the videos.

Videos that connect with consumers tend to be very useful. Consumer testimonials and demo videos will always be effective, but you must add challenges, puzzles, games and surveys to the content of your videos as well as informative videos that keep consumers interested and encourage them to comment on your brand in social networks. For tasks like this, Buzzfeed Tasty is an ideal tool.

For some companies, live broadcasts can have a big impact. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by smart social networking brands to engage with consumers in real time through interviews, ‘Q & A’ sessions and branded events.

If you have not yet encouraged giving the videos a chance, this 2017 will be your chance. If you are already using promotional videos in your social networks, then this is the year to improve them: using videos in social media marketing is no longer new, therefore, this year you should think about new and creative ideas that attract your audience and inspire leads.

Focus on influencers

A company could have 11 different accounts on social networks, updates on Twitter every two hours, twice-daily Facebook posts, flashy dashboards in Pinterest and an active presence on LinkedIn, but they still would not generate the same impact as a couple of mentions by an influencer. The great influencers have a group of followers who, usually, use their voice as a kind of force that acts as a guide within the industry.

Even though in the past the best way to be present in social media was regular publishing, make sure your marketing efforts are not too much on different platforms and you are not filling your pages with too many publications, since you will not only be exhausting your resources, but you could be investing better if you focused on a specific point, as an industry influencer.

Furious Pete, (TV, food and fitness) has more than 5 M followers on YouTube; Kristina Bazan, (fashion) has more than 2.4 M followers on Instagram; Jake Paul, (millennials) has more than 17 M followers in social networks. A mention in social networks by an influencer, or better yet, a video that mentions your product or service will reach a very broad and committed audience.

Many major companies are partnering with major influencers and paying them to promote their products. If you want to dominate social networks, pay attention to who are the influencers in your market. Don’t forget, you can buy FB likes from SidesMedia or similar services.

They do not have to be the best-known names, but with a few thousand followers you can make a big impact if you get these people to share, like, tweet or submit your content in some way. Use resources like BuzzSumo and find the best blogs in your industry to get a clear idea of ​​who the influencers you would like to interact with are.