The way to your woman’s heart is not encrusted with jewelry or draped in silky gowns, it is innocent like a child that falls for a blooming flower.

just like Alfred Lord Tennyson quoted, “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.”, the beauty of flowers is mesmerizing!

While surprising your lady with a beautiful bouquet from the florist Sterling Hts.MI, you not only need to get the flower arrangement done right but also pick the right flower.

There are after all so many color variants along with beautiful foliage, that it can be very challenging for you to make the right choice. That is why you need an excellent delivery flowers Sterling Hts. MI service specialist who will recommend the same. Though you can rely on getting help from the experts to gift a really nice bouquet to your woman, it would be better for you to do some background check on flowers. Here is the list of flowers and what they denote as gifts to a lady.

Delivery Flowers Sterling Hts. MI Meaning


Roses are the best representation of love, right? After all, in every poem, ballad and epic saga, roses have stood to be the identification of true love! Wrong. Roses are surely very pretty but they do not signify the truest love if they are not red. Only red roses denote intense love. So if you are going to spill your heart out for the very first time, you need to signify with a bouquet of fresh red roses only. Do not include any other colors in this arrangement. Not even small petal-less flowers.


Sweet innocent love is always represented by pink carnations. To make the bouquet appeal, you can ask the florist Sterling Hts.MI to throw in a couple of white carnations too. But, stop right there! Do not include other colors in this bouquet. The best part about pink carnations is that they go very well on the occasion of mending up after a fight. Your woman will not be able to stay mad at you once she receives the special delivery of a carnation bouquet right at her doorstep.


‘May our love grow ever so sweet…’ – this is the motto lilies come with. Lilies are sweet smelling and extremely durable flowers. Gifting this variant is a clear sign of devotion and commitment.

Some vows do not need words, but they do need a gesture. A bouquet of lilies is going to give this message out clearly to your significant other and bond you closer than ever before.


How about your woman opens the door just to find a special delivery flowers Sterling Hts. MI agent standing with radiant orchids? her joy will be limitless because like these orchids, you promise to bring her endless happiness. Orchids are radiant in color and texture much like the love you promise to shower your woman with.
Now that you know what each flower denotes, call in your florist Sterling Hts.MI and select the best bouquet to swipe your woman off her feet! Just order the flowers according to its representation online and it will be delivered right on the doorstep without any hassle.