Investing in ICO-campaigns is an extremely exciting adventure. Meanwhile, as a result of the insane success of most ICO’s, right now scammers are flooding the market, and creating false coins in piles in order to get their piece of ICO pie. Blockchain is a unique technology that may give birth to many new multi-billion dollar companies. However it can’t insure investors against scam and fraud. Some projects plan to flee away with the funds straight after the ICO. Others recognize the failure to meet the challenges or unmanageable scale of works after they had collected the funds. In both cases all the invested funds are out of the control.

Vote For Security

Descrow, a platform for safe ICO investments, provides an inbuilt escrow-mechanism which allows investors to control further distribution and use of funds after the crowdsale is over.

We are confident, that it is impossible to develop a programmable code or

establish an efficient business model in a short period of time, as it takes at least

half a year to go through different stages of project realization. Thus, the

compliance with the roadmap and stage-by-stage financing is a key element to

make an efficient project.

Within Descrow workframe, a startup, initiating the ICO-campaign, presents its roadmap and schedule. Every stage of project’s roadmap includes activities to be accomplished within a specific time-frame. The report on their progress has to be submitted for investors’ final approval, before the next stage of financing is initiated.

Investors of the particular startup decide whether to start the next step of financing or not, considering the previous performance of the project, via general voting. This procedure will eliminate the fraudulent companies that do not plan to develop a finished product, and bring to light those that are ready to meet the stated obligations.

In case investors decide to stop the financing, all money reserved for further stages of investments are returned to the token holders. It’s for you to decide how to use your money.

Insure Your ICO Investments

Platform Descrow is going to make your dream come true and establish an insurance fund for the assets invested during the first tranche.The first tranche is more than others exposed to the risk of theft from the side of unscrupulous teams.Upon the occurrence of insured case, affected parties will get compensatory payments from this fund. The amount of the reimbursement will be estimated in proportion to the scam-project tokens but won’t exceed 70% of the funds lost by the investor.

Why Descrow Is Good For Your Business?

For the first time, investors can be insured against 100% losses and scam ICO-projects. Investors will benefit from Descrow as it allows to verify the startup team’s intentions and readiness to follow the roadmap.

This instrument is beneficial for startups too. Implementation of a decentralized escrow mechanism in the ICO-campaign will level up confidence and loyalty from the side of the investors.

Descrow ICO campaign will start on the 29 of November, In the course of the campaign the project is aimed to collect around 20 mln dollars for further development and extension of its services globally. Investors are welcome to take part in Descrow ICO and build a healthier and less risky market together with us.