Cardboard is the most widely used material in the packaging industry, its smooth surface and up to the mark ease in finishing make it prominent and out of the box. Cardboard is available in different thickness, like 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 24pt, 26pt, 28pt and so on. Greater the value of Pt more it would be thicker and harder. Moreover, the cost also varies with the Pts. Cardboard is made up of wood pulp, this is the only material that can bear multiple effects at the same time. Moreover, the white color cardboard boxes are used in the manufacturing of simple cartons. Mainly these are used for food chain products and non-branded items.

What is cardboard material

This is a stiff, lightweight and strong material, it contains three layers of brown Kraft sheets. Such Kraft layers make it eco-friendly and biodegradable. Its smooth surface and shiny surface make it able to yield efficient and appealing look boxes. These sheets are used for modeling, structure designs, boxing, and sampling. Furthermore, cardboard is easily available in all colors and can be printed. Screen printing, digital and die-cut printing all are adjustable on this material.

Why people prefer cardboard material for boxing?

White color shows peace and it has a pleasant look. It’s decent and prominent look attracts the customer attention, make it dominant in the industry and up to mark. Moreover, its appealing look becomes more attractive when these are customized and personalized. This makes them colorful and branded, and all the marketers start loving this material. Furthermore, there are retail products that are only allowed to be packed in the cardboard material rather than wood or plastic.  

cardboard wrapping paper
cardboard wrapping paper

How to wrap a white cardboard box?

Wrapping them is actually making them white gift boxes, yes, embellished items are placed on it and it could be further decorated. The main purpose of their decoration is to gift an item to others. Such cardboard cartons are packed in white color sheets; greetings are added, ribbons, tapes, buttons, glitter, small sticky cards, and other shapes are added on it. All such things actually decorate them and become momentous. Moreover, the wrapping and unwrapping of the containers create suspense and make others curious about the inside gift items. So, wrapping a gift is a good idea but it requires some time and efforts.

Utensils that are essentially required

Definitely, a scissor, cutter, tape, cardboard sheets, white paper, glue, adhesive material, a structure diagram, ribbon, buttons for decoration, greeting cards, and embellished items are also required. With their proper use, the quantity of the applied efforts would be reduced, and it would save time as well. So, it is advised to buy a packing utensils box from Amazon.

Understand the purpose and theory of wrapping a box

Here comes a question in the mind that provide a path and roadway to the wrapping. That is the purpose, yes the purpose of the wrapping. And this affects the external decoration of the box. Say, if you are going to wrap a gift box for the birthday event then white shipping boxes, could be reused and the decorate as per the theme of the birthday. Contrary to this, the wedding party theme is totally different and the embellished items would get changed.

How to add neatness in the wrapping process?

The next step in wrapping the box is to retain the neatness in the wrap shape. Yes, it gets messy and difficult to retain the neatness. This is the case with the homemade wrapping but in case of large of the excess amount the services of packaging companies could be obtained. But here is a technique to retain the neatness, that is the environment. Use the clean environment and proper utensils, this will retain the neatness. Focus on folding edges and tapping sequence and the placement of the decorated items on the box.

What is the perfect time to wrap a box?

Wrapping a gift too before the event will lose its neatness and on the day of the event, you will have to be ashamed. For this purpose, the right time of wrapping the gift for an event is considered 2-3 days before the event. This standard time will allow you to be smart. In this way, you can wrap any kind of gift easily within no time.

colorful wrapping paper boxes

So the covering of white cardboard boxes with colorful wrapping paper is not a herculean task. Little bit efforts are required with proper utensils and step by step guide. In this article, I have discussed all the step by step methods and measures that could be taken while wrapping. So, keep in mind, the safety measures and wrap as much as gifts you can. But don’t forget to retain the neatness in them.